Israel’s top generals want ceasefire – NYT

The IDF doesn’t have enough troops or ammo to fight in Gaza and Lebanon simultaneously, officials have told the New York Times

Iran threatens Israel with ‘obliterating war’

The warning came after the IDF hinted that it was prepared to invade Lebanon

Israel reports ‘progress’ in US arms shipments

The two countries have moved forward on the issue of munitions supply, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has claimed

Hamas denies report that it plans to move its political bureau to Iraq

The National newspaper cites sources that said the Iraqi government gave approval to Hamas in May to open bureau in Baghdad

Iran’s presidential election dominated by Khamenei loyalists

An Iranian insider close to Khamenei, who asked for anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter, said the Supreme Leader "has no tolerance for political infighting when cohesion among those in power is essential".

‘Israeli flag’ Pepsi logo causes uproar – media

The soft drink’s local bottler has reportedly rolled out a blue-and-white logo reminiscent of the Jewish state’s banner

Netanyahu says intense fighting against Hamas is ending but war to go on

Asked when the phase of intense fighting against Hamas will come to an end, Netanyahu answered: "Very soon."

Israeli jets bomb Lebanon

The IDF has reportedly approved plans for a ground operation against Hezbollah

Protesters rally outside Israeli Embassy in Tokyo to demand cease-fire in Gaza

Protesters demand end to Israeli bombardment of Rafah and call for sanctions against Israel

Israeli president threatens war on Hezbollah

As fighting in Gaza continues, a second front looms in the north

Israel bombs ‘Hamas compound’ in Gaza school

The IDF says it eliminated “several terrorists” amid reports of dozens of civilian casualties

Israel won’t give up on ‘absolute victory’ – Netanyahu

The country is only considering a temporary truce with Hamas to secure the release of hostages, the prime minister insists