Pakistan to use Chinese traditional medicine against COVID-19?

Pakistani has successfully completed a clinical trial of Chinese traditional herbal medicine for treating COVID-19. Is Pakistan going to fight COVID-19 fifth wave with this?

China deploys missile systems along Indian occupied Kashmir

The Chinese forces and their weapons are also now better acclimatized to the region than they were last year. As a response to all these developments, Indian forces have redirected significant military assets along the eastern Ladakh sector to counter any unexpected incursions along the border

Wang Yi in Singapore to push back US influence

Singapore, which has strong security ties with Washington and vibrant economic relations with Beijing, has said countries should not be made to choose between China and the US. Wang's trip represented a "strategic decision" by Beijing.

US defense Sec to bolster allies in Gulf after losing face in Afghanistan

While the US would like to focus on the Indo Pacific region to counter China, it can not leave too many loopholes behind for China to fill. China is likely to attract the Gulf states in its own security based institution, The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation given the security trends in South Asia, West Asia and the Middle East.

Communist Party China: Taking 700m Chinese out of Poverty

President Xi Jinping, on 25 February 2021, announced the end of absolute poverty in China. The Communist Party of China was a significant factor in China’s economic prosperity since, due to its long-term, strategic policy-making, it managed a miraculous feat by taking 770 million people out of poverty.

CPC and the Roadmap for Future

Professor of Politics at East China Normal University in Shanghai explains how using five-year plans to lead economic and social development is critical to the way CPC governs the country. In October 2020, the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee introduced a new plan to make significant adjustments as China continues to pivot away from export-led growth and implements the dual circulation strategy.

China develops AI fighter pilots which are ‘better than humans’

The Chinese military has claimed that its artificial intelligence piloted jets have started defeating human pilots in dogfights.

Chinese Entrepreneurship: Lessons for Pakistan?

In China, entrepreneurship occurs in the shadow of an efficient state. The incentives of party members are broadly aligned with the promotion of economic...

China, Pakistan to jointly fight 5th generation warfare

In order to combat the modern threat of 5th generation warfare, China-Pak cooperation has potentially taken a new turn.

Quad to counter China on ‘COVID Vaccine Diplomacy’

Quad – Asia-Pacific Alliance "Quad" or Asia-Pacific Alliance was created in 2007 to counter China. Initially, the forum was introduced as a dialogue by then-Prime...

Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong on evolving Pak-China relationship: GVS Exclusive

GVS: Ambassador Nong Rong, this is your first assignment in Pakistan. Pakistan and China are now celebrating the 70th anniversary of their relations. How...

Launching Health Silk Road under CPEC

As China has expressed intention of influencing global health systems, it should launch a pilot project of ‘Health Silk Road’ in Pakistan and directly impact people’s lives by achieving enhanced productivity and regional prosperity