China to raise 5 major issues with top US diplomat during his trip to Beijing

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken likely to arrive on 3-day visit to Beijing on Wednesday

China launches projects to build ‘new-era’ marriage, childbearing culture

China's Family Planning Association, a national body that implements the government's population and fertility measures, will launch the projects to encourage women to marry and have children, state-backed Global Times reported on Monday.

Pentagon sees ‘Chinese threat’ in US default

Top military leaders claim that a massive spending hike is needed to confront Beijing

China slams ‘arrogant, prejudiced’ G-7 statement

Accusing the G-7 countries of "smearing China" and "interfering in its internal affairs," Wang said "the statement reflects the group's arrogance, prejudice and conscious desire to contain and block China."

China records world’s first human death from H3N8 bird flu: WHO

The Guangdong Provincial Centre for Disease Control and Prevention reported the third infection late last month but did not provide details of the woman’s death.

Dalai Lama apologises for asking boy to suck his tongue

The video, which has gone viral on social media, shows the Dalai Lama, 87, planting a kiss on the boy’s lips as he leaned in to pay his respects.

Macron says Europe must not be ‘follower’ of US or China on Taiwan

“The worst thing would be to think that we Europeans must be followers and adapt ourselves to the American rhythm and a Chinese overreaction,” Macron told the media.

West in no position to lecture China on Ukraine — Ambassador

China will continue to call for peace and dialogue, Zhang Hanhui says

Apple boss hails China ties

Tim Cook has praised the company’s nearly 30-year-long relationship with the country, both as a market and a manufacturing hub

Pentagon begins redeployment to deter Russia and China – WSJ

The US Defense Department will move newer attack aircraft to Europe and the Pacific, the newspaper reports

US to build new military base near South China Sea

Beijing said countries in the Asia-Pacific must not allow themselves to be “coerced or used” by Washington

Xi Jinping sees ‘irreversible’ shift to multipolar world

China’s president has previewed his visit to Moscow by declaring that “no single country should dictate the international order”