Open Skies Treaty

Open Skies Treaty: NATO, US, China, Russia in war of words

NATO allies urged Russia on Friday to comply with the 1992 Open Skies treaty in the hope that Washington might reverse its a decision...
US donates ventilators

US donates ventilators to Russia to even the score

The United States donates ventilators numbering 200 to help Russia in the coronavirus pandemic, turning the tables a week after a high-profile shipment by...
new bipolarity

Russia’s improved relations with Pakistan will define the new bipolar world

There's a growing consensus among Russia's leading experts that International Relations are increasingly characterized by what they've termed the "new bipolarity" that's emerging out...
coronavirus hotspots

WHO recommends the world what PM Imran Khan decided for Pakistan

Countries should be able to swiftly identify and quarantine coronavirus hotspots instead of putting their whole societies on lockdown, but people must accept this...
Nuclear arsenals

US leads in pouring funds into atomic arsenal despite worst-hit by COVID-19

The world’s nuclear powers are increasingly pouring money into their atomic arsenals, a new report shows, with Washington leading the way. The US has...
Russia ease lockdown

Russia eases lockdown despite surge in virus cases

Russia moved to ease a nationwide coronavirus lockdown on Tuesday despite a surge in cases that has seen it register the world's second-highest number...
create new afghanistan

US envoy confesses they are creating a new Afghanistan for Moscow in Syria

James Jeffrey, the US special envoy for Syria and defeating the Islamic State, has made quite a frank confession of how he sees his...
United States accused China and Russia

US accuses China & Russia for cooperating on virus conspiracies

The United States on Friday accused China and Russia of stepping up cooperation to spread false narratives over the coronavirus pandemic, saying Beijing was...
humanity's triumph over a virus

The only infectious disease that humans eliminated? Lessons for COVID-19?

As scientists scramble for a COVID-19 cure and vaccine, the world marks on Friday a pertinent anniversary: humanity's only true triumph over a virus...
cooperation on Syria

US expects Russian cooperation over Syria

A US envoy voiced guarded optimism Thursday at renewing cooperation with Russia to seek an end to Syria's brutal civil war, assessing that Moscow...
nuclear arms

Coronavirus unites US & Russia yet nuclear arms divide them

The US and Russia are game for multilateral talks with the world’s nuclear powers and have cooperated on oil and against the coronavirus. Yet...
Nazi Germany

The day Hitler lost the Second World War

Three-quarters of a century ago the Third Reich lay in ruins, its ruler Adolf Hitler dead, having shot himself in the right temple with...
Russia's doorstep

US & Britain send guided-missiles destroyers, frigate on Russia’s doorstep

Millions of Americans and Britons losing their livelihoods under Covid-19 lockdowns can rejoice that their navies are open for business, staging a show of...

Russia & China: Closer than ever before

The Russian-Chinese entente emerged as one of the most significant templates of international politics in the recent period since the hugely consequential developments in...

Nuclear Technology: China hits back at the US and condemns its policies

China hits back at the United States. In strongly worded statement it condemns the US double standards in Nuclear policy for peaceful purposes.
oil clash

US-Saudi oil clash breeding a larger conflict

The coronavirus pandemic and the global economic meltdown forced Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and Russia to call time out...

Revival of cold war? Russia tests ‘anti-satellite’ weapon!

Russia has tested an "anti-satellite" weapon – at least Pentagon said so, branding Moscow's calls against the militarization of space "hypocritical." The US itself...

Russia in danger! Virus cases top 32,000 as Putin warns of high risks

Russia said Friday it had recorded 32,008 coronavirus cases, including a record 4,070 in the last 24 hours, as President Vladimir Putin warned of...

China revised Wuhan’s death toll – Was it lying earlier?

China revised figures of death in Wuhan but Trump is convinced that actual figures are much higher - may be higher than the United States where more than 33,000 have died..

Putin & Xi lambast Trump for unacceptable virus claims

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Thursday rejected as counterproductive attempts to blame China for delaying informing the world about...

The Arctic: Great powers & their geopolitical interests

Climate change, global warming, and new trends of power politics have brought the Arctic into unique geopolitical limelight. The melting ice-cap is altering conditions...

OPEC deal fails to make oil profitable

Global oil traders have shrugged off Sunday's historic output-cutting deal by OPEC and its allies, with prices languishing not far from recent two-decade lows. The...

Why the OPEC+ deal is full of magnificent features?!

A perfect deal is where all protagonists get something out of it. All oil-producing countries stand to gain if oil price rebounds. In bare...
Oil Price

Oil price war comes to an end; Implications on Pakistan

The oil price crash startled the global market which was already apprehensive regarding the influence of the novel corona-virus pandemic on world economy. The...

Saudi Arabia, Russia & Mexico agree to production cuts: Implications for Pakistan?

Trump helps OPEC to resolve its internal differences and calls it a "great deal for all". Oil production is cut by around a million barrels a day and oil prices shoot up creating tensions or importers like India and Pakistan..

With US sanctions intact, China emerges as Iran’s lifeline

The Covid-19 pandemic has become a political testing ground for Iran and the US. Whether or not US should lift sanctions on Iran, is...

Syria bleeds again: US tries to block Russian advance in war-torn country

Russia’s efforts to form military units in Syria’s Al-Hasakah province have been foiled by the U.S, according to local sources. Moscow and Washington continue fighting...

Russia starts probe into Nazi massacres: Who was behind this?

Russia on Thursday launched a probe into three World War II-era atrocities in areas occupied by Nazi forces. The investigation was opened following findings in...

Rising xenophobia: Are Chinese responsible for pandemic?

Amid Covid-19, another pandemic xenophobia has also enveloped the world. As per reported incidents so far, racism is surging at an exponential rate across...

Saudis brought Putin to his senses: OPEC will decide to cut output

Saudis have brought Putin to his senses; OPEC will cut its production

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Once upon a Virus: Chinese state media makes fun of US

Chinese state media network, has released a video that mocks the United States' coronavirus response. It tries to 'expose' and belittle Trump Administration's claims...