India’s Modi visits Russia: As it happened

The Indian prime minister is meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow for the 22nd bilateral summit between their nations

Russian region to ban niqab – mufti

The move comes days after a series of deadly terrorist attacks in Dagestan

Russia and India to hold talks on visa-free tourism

The countries are considering whether to scrap visa requirements for groups of tourists, a Russian official said

US politicians ‘living in Wonderland’ – Moscow

Washington insists the Ukraine conflict must be settled based on the UN Charter, but backs Kiev’s ‘peace formula,’ the Foreign Ministry says

Russia tells Israel to condemn Ukraine

Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova made the remark after West Jerusalem’s envoy urged Moscow to denounce Iranian strikes

‘Stop lying,’ Russia tells US

The current standoff with Moscow was the exclusive choice of the West, which has trampled on diplomacy, Ambassador Anatoly Antonov has claimed

‘We will get them’ – Putin promises to track down terror attack masterminds

It’s crucial to identify the perpetrators and ultimate beneficiaries behind the Crocus City Hall tragedy, the president has said

West behaving ‘suspiciously’ over Moscow terror attack claims – Lavrov

The intensity of the insistence on Ukraine’s innocence is unusual, the Russian foreign minister has said

Moscow terrorist attack: World sends condolences and condemnation

Allies and adversaries alike have denounced the massacre at the Crocus City Hall concert venue

Putin scores historic win in Russian presidential election – official results

The incumbent head of state has also attracted a record share of the total poll, securing a fifth term in office

Putin says Russia ready for nuclear war from ‘military-technical’ point of view

Russian forces are constantly in a state of combat readiness, president tells Rossiya-1 television

Russia close to ‘cancer vaccines’ – Putin

The president hinted at “science fiction”-level achievement at an event in Moscow