PM Imran Khan planning to capture Sindh in next elections?

PM Imran Khan appears to be planning to take Sindh in the next elections. GVS learns this after talking with PTI insiders including Haleem...

Mountaineer Ali Sadpara’s body presumably found on K2.

Bodies found on K2 are reported to be of Pakistan’s hero mountaineer Ali Sadpara and Iceland’s John Snorri. Sadpara’s son Sajid had set on an expedition last month to recover the bodies and make a documentary on their lives.

Book review: Political Economy and Bad Governance

Syed M Uzair reviews Jamil Nasir's work. According to Syed Uzair, Mr. Jamil's book presents an excellent comparison of the different socio-political realms of different countries in the world with it. The author argues that the essence of governance lies in how state-society relations are structured and managed, and how citizens perceive the rules of the game.

Pakistan’s external sector doing good, but the way ahead is thorny

Pakistan's Current Account has fared pretty well on the back of high capital inflows from remittances and the textile sector, but the recent downward trajectory shows that government needs to work on policy reforms to diversify the export portfolio and maintain the promised "sustainable growth".

Eid economics: Generation of 450 billion economic activity mainly benefiting poor

According to the latest figures, the Eid-ul-Adha season generated an economic activity worth Rs. 450 billion in Pakistan. Pakistanis sacrificed about 70 million animals...

Faiz Hameed & Moeed Yusuf to visit Washington regarding Afghanistan

Senior officials to visit Washington since, after its withdrawal from Afghanistan, peace is critical to stability for the region.

Chairman AKD securities says economy heading in right direction

Aqeel Karim Dhedhi while talking to a private media channel said that behind the current plunge in the economic indicators there is a sign for the hope that will be visible in some time as the local economy heading towards expansion. He also suggested solutions to the energy sector's problems.

Sindh government to block WhatsApp, facebook of unvaccinated people

The Sindh government has proposed the National Command Operation Center (NCOC) to block the social media of non-vaccinated citizens.

PTI’s love affair with immigrant Pakistanis

Muhammad Ayaz Khan opens up about the account of when PTI first came into power and how the overseas Pakistanis reacted to it. He tells us how immigrants look at the actions of the current government and how people transform as law-abiding citizens as soon as they leave Pakistan.

Meera announces to join PM Imran Khan’s PTI

In the latest turn of events, Lollywood actress Meera has announced to enter the political arena with the ruling PTI. Meera Jee has previously unsuccessfully contested against PTI and MQM candidates in Lahore.

Realme to set up assembly plant to produce 5g phones in Pakistan

As many mobile manufacturers are eying the Pakistani market, the Chinese manufacturer Realme has announced launching top-of-the-line locally assembled smartphones in Pakistan.

Noor Mukadam murder condemned by Association of Former Ambassadors

This inhuman incident came at a time when the country has already been flooded with instances of unspeakable crimes against women ranging from gang...