King Charles seen in public and Harry flies in to see him after cancer diagnosis

Harry, who distanced himself from the royal family nearly four years ago, briefly reunited with his father at Clarence House, as per Reuters.

UK lays out roadmap for permanent solution to Israel-Palestine conflict

London says formation of internationally supported new Palestinian government vital in reaching permanent solution

Doctors in England to hold longest NHS strike ever

Junior doctors -- those below consultant level -- will walk out for six days in a major escalation of their long-running pay dispute with the UK government.

King Charles selects coronation photo for Christmas card

Charles is pictured wearing the Imperial State Crown, Robe of Estate and Coronation Tunic, while Camilla wears Queen Mary’s Crown, Robe of Estate and a dress designed by Bruce Oldfield.

UK’s Sunak brings back Cameron, sacks Braverman on anti Palestine remarks

Labour had called Sunak weak since Braverman's article was published on Wednesday. Now, opposition lawmakers said his decision to appoint Cameron was an act of desperation.

Burger king: Prince William serves up food to surprised diners

In a video posted on YouTube, the heir to the throne, joined forces with YouTube channel Sorted Food to spotlight the work of three of the most recent Winners of The Earthshot Prize. 

UK government’s contested immigration plan to become law

The Illegal Migration Bill had been stuck in a battle between parliament's House of Commons and the House of Lords, Britain's unelected upper chamber, which had repeatedly made changes to the legislation to water it down.

Nelson College accidentally sponsors controversial “Palestine Fun Day”

Nelson College's inadvertent support of Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK's "Palestine Fun Day" sparks controversy and scrutiny.

Mixed reviews after Minister Humza Yousaf’s first 100 days in office

Poll reveals divided opinions on First Minister Humza Yousaf's performance in Scotland's leadership, reflecting public sentiment.

Jews and Muslims stand together to remember Srebrenica in Bosnia

Jews and Muslims join forces in Bosnia to confront hate and genocide, using their shared pain to build a future free from atrocities.

Londoners remember the Finsbury Park terror attack

Six years after the Finsbury Park terror attack, Londoners remain united in defiance, standing strong against hate and division.

Heartbreaking story of Kontham Tejaswini Reddy’s life cut short

Indian student Tejaswini Reddy's life tragically ended in London after fatal stabbing, sparking calls for enhanced safety measures.