Debate over Pride Month celebrations in London schools

London schools face controversy as parents with religious ties question sending children to school for Pride Month celebrations.

The youngest campaigner for international Muslim history month

Maryam Jazeem, the 11-year-old campaigner promoting International Muslim History Month, challenging stereotypes and inspiring change

Tensions escalate as the Islamic Centre of England temporarily shuts down

Controversy surrounds the closure of London's Islamic Centre of England as non-Muslim interim manager sparks tensions and concerns.

London’s Muslim community unites against systematic robberies

London's mosques face targeted thefts during prayer, prompting the Muslim community to unite and seek justice for violated sacred spaces.

Archbishop of Canterbury challenges UK’s Illegal Migration Bill

Archbishop Justin, criticises current Illegal Migration Bill as "morally unacceptable", proposes new changes.

Imam in London transforms beliefs of an anti-Muslim in an hour

Imam Twakkal's powerful conversation dismantles hate, fosters understanding, and sparks positive change, anti-Muslim becomes a supporter.

London march commemorates 75th anniversary of the Nakba

The London rally marks the 75th anniversary of Nakba, demanding an end to apartheid and occupation in Palestine.

From missing person to murder victim: The sad story of Suma Begum

Husband charged with murder of Suma Begum, who was reported missing. Concerns raised about domestic violence and support for victims.

Muslim charity CEO recognized for COVID-19 relief work attends royal coronation

Muslim charity CEO Idris Patel shares his experience attending King Charles III's coronation, shedding light on mental health awareness.

Crowds gather in London for moment in history as King Charles is crowned

Crowds from across Britain and the world gathered on Saturday in London where Charles III will be crowned king in Britain's biggest ceremonial event for seven decades, a sumptuous display of pageantry dating back 1,000 years.

The launch of the Association of Muslim Surveyors in UK

The Association of Muslim Surveyors aims to promote diversity and inclusion in the real estate industry, empowering British Muslims.

King Charles richer than his mother – Sunday Times

The British monarch is said to have significantly boosted profits from the royal estates