New York City takes a stand against discrimination: Banks face consequences

Crack down on discriminatory banks in New York City, freezing deposits and demanding non-discrimination plans.

Controversial Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan faces trial, accused of sexual assault

Tariq Ramadan's high-profile trial, allegations of rape and sexual coercion against the renowned Islamic scholar under scrutiny.

Democrats push to limit US president’s nuclear powers

Lawmakers warned that a “rogue” leader could someday take control of America’s atomic arsenal

Dispelling prejudices: muslims at North Carolina university seek equality in access to their mosque

Muslim community express disappointment towards the university's attitude as they believe this is due to prejudices against Muslims.

Terminating AI: the debate over the ethics of AI technology

Artificial Intelligence have been taking over the market, so have different concerns regarding the capability of these technologies.

Joe Biden has denied joint nuclear exercises with South Korea

US President Joe Biden has denied that the Pentagon is in talks with Seoul about joint nuclear exercises, raising a number of questions after his South Korean counterpart announced that such discussions were already underway.

America’s F-35 fighter jets have been grounded

America’s F-35 fighter jets have reportedly come under new scrutiny after a crash earlier this month at a base in Texas raised safety concerns about the aircraft, prompting the grounding of some planes for an investigation.

US lawmakers stopped from using Tiktok

Administrators at the US House of Representatives sent out an email on Tuesday allegedly instructing all lawmakers and staff to uninstall TikTok from any official phones, calling the app a security risk.

US researchers achieved landmark breakthrough in nuclear fusion technology

US researchers announced a historic nuclear fusion breakthrough on Tuesday, hailing a "landmark achievement" in the quest for a source of unlimited, clean power and an end to reliance on fossil fuel.

Elon Musk says, people died because Fauci lied

Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk triggered a social media firestorm on Sunday after suggesting that US Covid-19 czar Dr. Anthony Fauci should be investigated and prosecuted for allegedly lying under oath about the funding of research at a Wuhan lab in China.

The US integrated deterrence approach and China

The United States in its new National Security Strategy (NSS) and National Defense Strategy (NDS) documents declared China as the most challenging actor against the country’s interest in general and in Asia Pacific in particular.

US will train 2500 Ukraine’s soldiers this month in Germany

The administration of US President Joe Biden is contemplating a drastic expansion of the training program for Ukrainian forces, which is expected to take place at a US military base in Germany, CNN reported on Wednesday, citing sources.