The conviction of Donald Trump: how it happened

The former president was found guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records, after a trial he called a politically-motivated “scam”

Muslim student receives violent threats at UConn

Former leader of a pro-Palestine campus group Lena Maarouf played a voicemail containing racial slurs and threats she received.

15 year old boy fatally shot in Brooklyn

Foridun Mavlonov, a 15-year-old boy was fatally shot in Brooklyn. Rising youth gun violence demands urgent action.

Dismissal of commissioners over the pride flag in Hamtramck, Michigan

Controversy erupts as two commissioners are fired for flying a Pride flag in Hamtramck, Michigan, igniting debates on rights and values.

Dilawar Syed sworn in as Deputy Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration

Dilawar Syed takes charge as Deputy Administrator of the SBA, driving small business growth, capital access, and mentorship programs.

Tragic shootings in the US of the July fourth weekend

Tragic shootings rock American cities during the July Fourth weekend, leaving communities devastated and demanding urgent action.

Secrets of the FBI’s Watchlist and its impact on Muslim communities

Unveiling the FBI's watchlist, discrimination against Muslims exposed, demanding urgent reform and transparency.

Attack on Connecticut State representative Maryam Khan

Eid al-Adha assault on Connecticut State Representative sparks calls for investigation and community safety.

First Muslim woman and Bangladeshi American federal judge

Nusrat Choudhury makes history as the first Muslim woman and Bangladeshi American federal judge, championing civil liberties and justice.

Illinois passes bill for halal and kosher meal options in schools

Illinois leads the way with new legislation mandating halal and kosher meal options for all state-funded institutions.

Sam Khan’s legacy of compassion and empowerment in Edison

Sam Khan, a visionary leader who united communities, promoted interfaith harmony, and empowered marginalised voices, passed away.

New York City takes a stand against discrimination: Banks face consequences

Crack down on discriminatory banks in New York City, freezing deposits and demanding non-discrimination plans.