Illinois passes bill for halal and kosher meal options in schools

Illinois leads the way with new legislation mandating halal and kosher meal options for all state-funded institutions.

Sam Khan’s legacy of compassion and empowerment in Edison

Sam Khan, a visionary leader who united communities, promoted interfaith harmony, and empowered marginalised voices, passed away.

New York City takes a stand against discrimination: Banks face consequences

Crack down on discriminatory banks in New York City, freezing deposits and demanding non-discrimination plans.

Controversial Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan faces trial, accused of sexual assault

Tariq Ramadan's high-profile trial, allegations of rape and sexual coercion against the renowned Islamic scholar under scrutiny.

Trump has declared a run in the 2024 presidential race

Former US President Donald Trump has declared a run in the 2024 presidential race, saying President Joe Biden has “embarrassed, humiliated and weakened” the United States. He vowed to bring “glory” and “greatness” to the country.

Lula da Silva becomes new Brazilian President

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva narrowly defeated President Jair Bolsonaro in a runoff election on Sunday that marked a stunning comeback for the leftist former president and the end of Brazil's most right-wing government in decades.

US sanctions Iranians over plot to kidnap NY-based journalist

The sanctions come after U.S. prosecutors in July charged the four with plotting to kidnap the New York-based journalist who was critical of Tehran.

Pakistani-born Saima Mohsin to be First Muslim US Attorney next month

Pakistani-born, Saima Mohsin, has been appointed as the United States' first Muslim attorney by the administration of President Joe Biden. Earlier she had been serving...

US President-elect Biden briefed on Afghan peace: What happens now?

Pakistan is likely to be put under pressure after US President Elect Joe Biden takes office in the Afghan Peace Process as Biden is...

Pakistani-American Dr Umar Shah to lead COVID-19 response in US

Pakistan born, Dr. Umair A Shah has been appointed secretary of health for the state of Washington in the United States to fight the...

Will Biden seek de-escalation with America’s rivals?

A considerable advantage that China enjoys over its Western rivals, principally the United States, is the country’s rebuffing of neoliberal globalisation. Under its present...

UAE-Israel agreement: a jab at Iran?

The UAE-Israel agreement gives the United States a rare diplomatic success in the Middle East -- but it is Iran which President Donald Trump...