Pakistan Rangers capture six Indian nationals in smuggling bust

Authorities are closely examining the situation and have not ruled out the possibility of a connection between the Indian border security forces and the apprehended smugglers.

India prepares for historic Moon landing

The Chandrayaan-3 mission has performed a final maneuver before touching down on the lunar surface on August 23

Muslim migrant families escaping communal violence in Haryana

Fleeing communal violence, Muslim migrant families abandon homes in Haryana, seeking safety and stability elsewhere

26 Indian parties unite to challenge Prime Minister Modi in next elections

Foundational pillars of Constitution being 'methodically and menacingly undermined,' says joint statement

India’s Lunar Ambitions: Chandrayaan-3 Successfully Lifts Off

With each mission, India advances closer to fulfilling its ambitious lunar goals and continues to inspire the world with its space exploration endeavors.

Defence, critical tech on agenda as India’s Modi heads to US for landmark visit

The visit is expected to give India access to critical American technologies Washington rarely shares with non-allies, strengthening a new bond that is underpinned by not just global politics but also business and economics.

Former Twitter CEO makes shocking claims about Indian government

India threatened to shut Twitter down unless it complied with orders to restrict accounts, co-founder Jack Dorsey said, an accusation the Indian government dismissed as an "outright lie".

USCIRF recommends adding India to religious freedom blacklist for fourth year

Report suggests adding India to the blacklist due to "systematic, ongoing [and] egregious violations" of religious freedom.

How Russian oil is reaching Europe with India’s help

The backdoor entry of Russian oil into Europe via India is a complex issue with both benefits and challenges.

Russia-India trade surges

Exports of Russian goods topped $40 billion for the first time

Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari to attend SCO meet in India

Pakistan's Foreign Minister will be attending the SCO meeting in India despite heightened tensions between the two countries.

Apple opens first India store in market push

Apple CEO Tim Cook personally opened the doors to welcome customers as staff cheered.