Iran Releases European Prisoners in Prisoner Swap

Iran releases European prisoners in prisoner swap, generating optimism for improved relations and diplomatic progress.

Journalists Stand Trial in Iran for Reporting on Mahsa Amini’s Murder

Journalists stand trial in Iran for reporting on Mahsa Amini's murder, highlighting the dire human rights situation of Iran.

Iran’s ballistic missile test launch: Escalating tensions and regional implications

Iran's latest ballistic missile test-launch amplifies regional tensions and poses a significant challenge to international security.

Iran’s latest seizure of oil tanker emphasises on existing tensions

Second seizure in a week triggers an already unstable situation, call for global collaboration to ensure safe passage and mitigate tensions.

The tragic assassination of Ayatollah Soleimani

Senior Iranian Shia cleric and Assembly of Experts member killed in gun attack at a bank in northern Iran.

Prospects for ending Yemen war as Saudi and Iran engage in peace talks

The ongoing Yemen War, which has lasted for eight years, may finally come to an end as Saudi Arabia plans to hold ceasefire talks with Yemen.

Saudi, Iranian FMs plan to meet during Ramadan: Riyadh

Saudi officials have said the meeting is the next step in restoring ties seven years after they were severed.

US slaps new sanctions on Iran

On Tuesday, the US announced fresh sanctions against Iranian companies and individuals who are allegedly buying supplies for Iranian drones.

The mysterious poisoning of schoolgirls in Iran

Many Iranian schoolgirls have been poisoned and are presenting to hospitals with mild to severe symptoms. There is speculation about the cause of these incidents that have been taking place all over Iran for the last few months.

Wave of poison attacks on schoolgirls alarms Iranians

The attacks come at a critical time for Iran's clerical rulers, who faced months of anti-government protests sparked by the death of a young Iranian woman in the custody of the morality police who enforce strict dress codes.

Protests have brought Iran’s ethnic minorities & Persian majority closer

Most Iranians once gave little thought to the peripheral ethnic minority areas of their country, but that has changed since the killing of Mahsa Amini

Iran slaps tit-for-tat sanctions on EU, Britain

Sanctions were imposed on several military companies as well as ministers and lawmakers from various European countries, both at a national level and in the European Parliament.