Quran is sacred for Muslims, it should be sacred for others too: Vladimir Putin

His comments came on the occasion of the desecration of the Quran in Sweden. In his statement, he added that burning or the desecration the Quran is a crime in Russia.

US Denounced the Burning of the Quran in Sweden

After the worldwide condemnation of Quran Desecration, the US State Department also highlighted the incident in its latest press briefing.

Muslim heritage in India under threat

Pursuing the agenda of Babri mosque’s demolition 30 years ago, the Hindu zealots continue to make false claims about the historic sites, most recently the magnificent Taj Mahal, for its alleged origins to an early Hindu rule.

PTI denounces the government for using religion to discredit Imran Khan

Senior leadership of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf held an important press conference in KPK House, Islamabad on Wednesday to denounce the attempt of the incumbent government to use religion to discredit Imran Khan.

Talks with TTP to be held within ambit of Constitution: Rana Sanaullah

Military top brass reassures any deal made with the terrorist group would be subject to parliamentary approval.

NA demands expulsion of Indian ambassador within 24 hours

The National Assembly (NA) urges the government to expel the Indian ambassador within 24 hours and boycott the Indian products.

Indian Muslim groups urge followers to shun protests

Leaders of prominent Islamic groups and mosques in India on Monday appealed to fellow Muslims to suspend plans for protests against BJP members for derogatory remarks about the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Can Islam be liberal? Review of “Reopening Muslim Minds”

Farah Adeed, a doctoral candidate at San Diego University, California, reviews Mustafa Akyol's intriguing book, "Reopening Muslim Minds: A Return to Reason, Freedom, and Tolerance" and also examines the Muslim intellectual debate between Asharites and Mutazilites

Saudi Arabia imposes restrictions on use of loudspeakers in Mosques

Saudi Arabia has banned the usage of loudspeakers in mosques other than for Azan and Iqamat. Whether it will implement it is yet to be seen.

Islamophobia: A fungible prop for Muslim religious soft power

Think the Muslim world is united in opposing Islamophobia? Think twice. Rising anti-Muslim sentiment in countries like China, Myanmar, and India as well as the...

Iranians move into front line of the Middle East’s quest for religious change

A recent online survey by scholars at two Dutch universities of Iranian attitudes towards religion has revealed a stunning rejection of state-imposed adherence to conservative religious...

Increased sectarian violence in Pakistan, why is the Gulf silent?

Silent about rising sectarian violence in Pakistan, Gulf states vying for religious soft power risk exposing the limitations of their concepts of an undefined...