Three-Year-Old Palestinian Boy Fatally Shot by Israeli Soldiers

Three-Year-Old Palestinian boy is fatally shot by Israeli soldier, once again highlighting the brutality of Israeli occupation.

Israel Admits to Intentionally Killing Children in Gaza

Israel Admits to Intentionally Killing Children in Gaza which is a shocking and reprehensible act that must be condemned.

Palestinian Lives Matter— The world needs to speak

Ongoing Israeli attacks on Palestinians and the Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan highlight Israel's disregard for human rights.

Israel continues brutal crackdown, kills Palestinian teen

Israeli forces killed a Palestinian teenager and have been continuing to launch brutal attacks on Palestinians during the holy month.

Iran vows revenge on Israel

Tehran says that one of its officers has been “martyred” in a deadly airstrike in Syria

Israeli president calls for halt to judicial overhaul

Massive protests over the controversial reform threaten the nation’s security, economy, and society, Isaac Herzog has said

UN urges peace in the Middle East as Ramadan commences

The United Nations Security Council urged for a "de-escalation" of Israeli-Palestinian tensions as Muslims observe Ramadan.

Israeli minister says there’s ‘no such thing’ as Palestinians

Bezalel Smotrich has claimed the people is “an invention that is less than 100 years old”

In Israel, Pentagon chief says US ‘disturbed’ by settler violence

The US defence secretary held talks in Israel as three suspected Palestinian militants were killed in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and protesters rallied against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's hard-right government.

Palestinian village should be wiped out: Israel

Foreign Minister of Israel Bezalel Smotrich has said that the Palestinian town of Huwara should be "wiped out".

Oman opens its airspace to Israeli airlines

Israel and Oman have no diplomatic relations, but the Gulf state seemed to have been less reluctant in publicizing its relations with Israel. In 2018, the late Sultan Qaboos received Netanyahu in Muscat.

Israel bombs Gaza following deadly raid

The violent flare-up came after nine Palestinians were killed during a raid on a refugee camp in Jenin