Muslim women in burkinis prevented from swimming at beach in Italy

Muslim women in burkinis barred due to 'hygiene issue' on a beach in Italy, reflecting on cultural tensions and inclusion

Party began in Italy but so did tragedy strike

Celebrations for Napoli's soccer championship in Naples turned tragic with one dead and seven injured, leaving the public disheartened.

Italian FM cancels trip to France after ‘insults’ from Paris

France and Italy have been at loggerheads for years over immigration policy

Italy bans ChatGPT

The country's data protection authority has demanded that the chatbot’s creator OpenAI take action or face hefty fines

Italian movie icon passes away

Actress, photojournalist and sex symbol Gina Lollobrigida dies at the age of 95

Italian PM Giorgia Meloni urges EU to push back against US law

Italian PM Giorgia Meloni has called for the European Union to become more economically independent in the wake of a new US law that puts the bloc’s manufacturers at a competitive disadvantage, Bloomberg reported on Thursday.

Japan, Britain and Italy will jointly develop next-generation fighter jet

Japan, Britain and Italy said Friday they will jointly develop a next-generation fighter jet in a project that holds scope for future cooperation with allies including the United States.