South Korea to test-launch ballistic missile

Later this week, South Korea plans to test-launch a new "high-power" ballistic missile named Hyunmoo-5.

South Korea to drop most indoor mask restrictions

From January 30, it will no longer be mandatory to wear facemasks in most indoor spaces, except on public transport and in medical facilities.

South Korea consider suspending buffer zone deal

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol said Wednesday he would consider suspending a 2018 agreement that created maritime buffer zones with the North should Pyongyang "violate" Seoul's territory again.

Joe Biden has denied joint nuclear exercises with South Korea

US President Joe Biden has denied that the Pentagon is in talks with Seoul about joint nuclear exercises, raising a number of questions after his South Korean counterpart announced that such discussions were already underway.

South Korean President vows to ‘punish’ North Korea

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol has instructed security officials to “punish” North Korea for any future “provocations,” saying they must not fear Pyongyang’s nuclear arsenal following a major security breach earlier this week.

South Korean military apologizes for response to drone incident

South Korean military has issued an apology to its citizens after failing to shoot down several North Korean drones that crossed over the border earlier this week, acknowledging that the incident stoked fears among the public while vowing a more aggressive response in the future.