Government Prepares to Drop Another Bomb: Petrol Price Increase

The government plans a significant increase in petroleum product prices starting July 16.

High Court Bars Police from Arresting Sanam Javed ‘Till Thursday

High Court Bars Police from Arresting Sanam Javed 'Till Thursday.

“Desperate”, “Fascist”: Reactions to Gov’s Decision to Ban PTI

The Pakistani government plans to ban the PTI party.

Pastor Predicted Assassination Attempt on Trump

Pastor Brandon Biggs' prophetic video predicting an assassination attempt on Donald Trump.

ATC indicts Shah Mehmood Qureshi in May 9th case

Earlier this year, eight more cases related to May 9th were filed against him. Despite being freed from the Cipher case, Shah Mehmood Qureshi is facing imprisonment on charges of inciting violence on May 9th.

Arif Alvi likens Atta Tarar to horse in a cryptic tweet

Earlier in the day, Atta Tarar in his press conference announced that the government is planning to ban PTI as well as it will file references against Former Prime Minister Imran Khan, Former President Arif Alvi, and Former Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri under Article 6.

Qualcomm sues Transsion Holdings over patent infringement

This legal action is not confined to India alone; Qualcomm has also pursued similar lawsuits in Europe and China.

Business reality show ‘Shark Tank’ is coming to Pakistan

Launched in 2009 on American Broadcasting Company (ABC) network, Shark Tank provides a platform to budding entrepreneurs to present their unique business ideas to a panel of venture capitalists

JWST discovers rotten egg smell on exoplanet

HD 189733 b, discovered in 2005, is located about 64 light years away from Earth in the constellation Vulpecula.

India to remain most populous country throughout 21st century, says UN

Global population to peak around 10.3B in mid-2080s, before gradually decreasing to 10.2B by 2100, according to UN report

Pakistan government to seek ban of ex-PM Khan’s party

Khan was jailed in the run-up to a February election, and his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party was targeted by a crackdown analysts say was a result of his defiance against the country's powerful military.

Modi exceeds 100 million followers on X

The Indian prime minister is the most-followed serving world leader on the platform