Controversy Erupts: Maryam Nawaz shoves party member during the ceremony

The video has gone viral on social media and shows a party member apparently Uzma Kardar hugging her while congratulating her on becoming the first female Chief Minister of Punjab, putting her hand on Nawaz's shoulder.

Legendary Indian singer Pankaj Udhas passes away at the age of 72

Udhas, known for his contributions as a playback singer in Hindi cinema with notable films like "Naam," "Saajan," and "Mohra," passed away at approximately 11 am at Breach Candy hospital.

Azerbaijan to Resume Peace Talks with Armenia

Azerbaijan announces plans to resume face-to-face peace negotiations with Armenia, aiming to address longstanding territorial disputes.

Türkiye Ranks Third Globally in Diplomatic Power, Surpassing Japan and France

Türkiye's strategic foreign initiatives in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia propel its diplomatic influence to third globally.

US Emerges as Top Global LNG Exporter, Capturing 21% Market Share by 2023

The US solidifies its position as the leading LNG exporter worldwide, commanding a 21% market share by the end of 2023.

Palestinian Prime Minister Resigns

Palestinian Prime Minister resigns amidst pressure to foster consensus and facilitate political arrangements following the Gaza conflict.

Rising Islamophobic incidents in the UK spark fear and concern among Muslims

The Independent reports instances where Muslim households have had bricks thrown through their windows for flying the Palestinian flag.

South Korea Sets Deadline for Striking Doctors Amid Hospital Disruptions

South Korea's government issues ultimatum to striking doctors, threatening legal action if they fail to return to work by end of February.

Hungary to Ratify Sweden’s NATO Accession

Hungary poised to ratify Sweden's NATO accession, marking a significant security shift amid historic alliance expansion.

Balochistan Assembly to Hold Session for Oath Taking and Speaker Election

Balochistan Governor convenes an assembly session for oath-taking by newly elected members, with outgoing Speaker presiding,

Air Force member sets himself on fire outside Israeli Embassy

An active-duty member of the United States Air Force set himself ablaze outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C.

NUST’s Call for Climate Action: Empowering Women Through Writing

NUST launches an Article Writing Competition to amplify the importance of Women in Climate Action, as part of an empowering event.