‘Doctors Without Borders’ Criticizes U.S Veto on Ceasefire Resolution

Médecins Sans Frontières highlights the dire situation in Gaza to the UN Security Council, emphasizing the psychological toll on children.

Türkiye probes Israeli football player for ‘inciting hatred’

An Israeli football player from the Turkish club Antalyaspor, Sagiv Jehezkel, has been questioned by prosecutors following his arrest on charges of “inciting people to...

Türkiye calls out Western hypocrisy on Ukraine and Gaza

By supporting Israel, the West has “squandered” its reputation, FM Hakan Fidan says

Biden caught making things up again

The US president claimed he “used to teach political theory” at the University of Pennsylvania

Everything to know about Turkey’s possible “run-off” vote

Turkey's runoff system comes into play when no candidate secures an absolute majority in the initial round of voting.

Erdogan cancels appearances after developing stomach bug

The 69-year-old leader's announcement came in the heat of a hard-fought campaign in what is widely viewed as Turkey's most important election of its post-Ottoman era.

Banned from school, Afghan girls turn to madrassas

The number of Islamic schools has grown across Afghanistan since the Taliban returned to power in August 2021, with teenage girls increasingly attending classes after they were banned from secondary schools.

Türkiye’s presidential, parliamentary elections to be held on May 14: Erdogan

President Erdogan officially called for elections on May 14, stressing the importance of concentrating on earthquake recovery.

WHO issues $43 million plea to boost response in earthquake-stricken Türkiye, Syria

World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a $43 million appeal to assist with the response to the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey.

Russia responds to Turkey endorsing Zelensky’s “peace plan”

Moscow continues to find the Kiev proposal unacceptable, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Turkey and UN sign benevolent text to support zero waste approach

Antonio Guterres, Emine Erdogan vow to promote zero waste approach worldwide, share best practices for its wider recognition

Turkey: The favourite travel destination of 2022

Turkey is a great country with unique history and culture. It reflects the many attractions and offers touristic activities on the shores of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea.