Everything to know about Turkey’s possible “run-off” vote

Turkey's runoff system comes into play when no candidate secures an absolute majority in the initial round of voting.

Erdogan cancels appearances after developing stomach bug

The 69-year-old leader's announcement came in the heat of a hard-fought campaign in what is widely viewed as Turkey's most important election of its post-Ottoman era.

Erdogan tells US ambassador to ‘know his place’

The Turkish leader spoke of the “need to teach America a lesson” in diplomacy

Putin may visit Türkiye – Erdogan

The Turkish president hopes his Russian counterpart will attend the opening of a nuclear plant

Türkiye reveals cost of earthquake damage

The EU has offered to help cover a small fraction of the reconstruction efforts following quakes that left more than 50,000 dead

Türkiye’s presidential, parliamentary elections to be held on May 14: Erdogan

President Erdogan officially called for elections on May 14, stressing the importance of concentrating on earthquake recovery.

Turkish delegation to visit Russia ahead of foreign ministers’ meeting

Next week, a Turkish delegation will fly to the Russian capital for technical discussions ahead of a planned meeting of the foreign ministers of Turkey, Russia, Iran, and Syria.

Turkish central bank receives $5 billion from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's aid is likely to boost Turkey's declining lira, which has depreciated by almost 30% over past year.

Turkish Red Crescent criticised for selling tents after quake

The quake, which struck on February 6, killed more than 44,000 people in Turkey and thousands more perished in neighbouring Syria.

Pakistan continues to assist Türkiye quake victims

Pakistan dispatches winterized tents to Türkiye, meanwhile, schools across the South-Asian country are collecting funds for earthquake victims.

Türkiye has a message for other nations

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has thanked the countries that provided assistance after two terrible earthquakes

WHO issues $43 million plea to boost response in earthquake-stricken Türkiye, Syria

World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a $43 million appeal to assist with the response to the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey.