Shah Rukh Khan wears Pakistani designer jacket in Diwali ad

c. The Cadbury Celebration ad dubbed India’s biggest brand ambassador to become the brand ambassador for local brands and small businesses. Cadbury used machine learning to recreate the voice and facial expressions of Shah Rukh Khan as saying and promoting the names of local stores.

Pakistan not part of the OECD’s global minimum corporate tax rate deal

The global minimum corporate tax rate deal is an initiative pushed by the US. It aims to make the rich corporations pay their fair share of taxes.

Can Pakistan handle the pressure of T20 World Cup match against India

He said that India is in a better position as it can better handle the pressure. Bhogle said that in the past, India has a better track record of handling pressure in big matches than Pakistan and this thing will again go in favor of India.

Lexus NX to hit the road this fall

Lexus NX heralds the beginning of ‘the Next Era of Luxury’. It has been crafted to enable the consumers to fully utilize and enjoy next generation technology by amalgamating innovation with intuition.

Host Juggun Kazim under fire for obscene video from show

Host Juggun Kazim has been facing severe backlash for the type of games played on her show. In the show, couples take part in a game where they have to eat an apple suspended from a string. The game received criticism as Netizen claimed its spreading vulgarity.

Volkswagen partners with Premier Motor to launch SUVs and CUVs in Pakistan

In what can be termed as a game-changing development for the Pakistani automobile sector, Volkswagen and Skoda SUVs and Crossovers will be assembled in Pakistan and will be available to the consumers by mid 2023.

Food delivery via drones to begin soon in Islamabad

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Hamza Shafqat, in a twitter post, informed the residents of Islamabad that food delivery through drones is set to begin in the national capital.

Kurulus Osman 3 release date announced after action-packed thriller

Earlier, producer and screenwriter, Mehmet Bozdag, had shared the scenes from the sets of Kurulus Osman 3. Now, a synopsis of the upcoming season has been released on the Instagram page of the series. The show is expected to begin on Wednesday 6th October next week.

KIA brings out all-new 2022 KIA Sorento Plug-in-Hybrid

South Korean KIA has launched its all-new 2022 KIA Sorento Plug-in Hybrid. The PHEV model is a unique option for those looking for an efficient yet three-row sporty midsize crossover SUV, with futuristic tech in their family vehicle.

Balkans EU accession is of’absolute geostrategic interest’: Merkel

EU members "should always keep in mind that there is an absolute geostrategic interest for us to really accept these countries into the European Union," said Merkel, who steps down as chancellor later this year.

Pentagon chief still hopes to meet Saudi crown prince: John Kirby

Austin travelled to the Gulf to thank US allies for their support during the massive airlift set up after the fall of the Afghan government and the Taliban capture of Kabul on August 15. A planned stopover in Saudi Arabia did not take place.

Indian war crimes, genocide, massive HR violations in IIOJK exposed!

The huge 131-page document, along with a CD comprising 15 audio and several video recordings, GPS data coordinates of five Indian funded and managed ISIS (ISKP) training camps, graphic pictures of victims of the suspected use of chemical weapons also carrying documentary proofs of how the Narendra Modi regime was trying to portray the Kashmir Freedom Struggle as a terrorist activity.