UN agencies demand immediate ceasefire amid Israel-Hamas conflict

Major United Nations agencies have issued a joint statement expressing their outrage over the escalating civilian death toll in Gaza.

Record-Breaking Ozone Hole Over Antarctica Detected

Satellite data has disclosed that the Antarctic ozone hole has expanded to a size nearly three times that of Brazil.

UN says, Pakistan urgently needs $16 billion

More than $16 billion is needed to help Pakistan recover from devastating floods that submerged a third of the country last year, and to better resist the impact of climate change, the United Nations said Thursday.

UN asks ICJ for its opinion on legality of Israeli occupation

The UN General Assembly on Friday asked the International Court of Justice to consider consequences for Israel over its occupation of Palestinian territories, a day after the Jewish state's most right-wing government ever took over.

Ukraine preparing to oust Russia from UN Security Council

Ukraine is preparing to take official steps to prove that Russia's presence on UN Security Council is "illegal" and have it removed from the body, Kyiv announced on Tuesday.

UN chiefs urges Taliban to prevent terrorism against Pakistan

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, on Monday, called on Afghan Taliban to prevent terrorist organizations from attacking Pakistan or any other neighbouring country from the Afghan territory.

Pakistan reserves right for cross-border action against TTP: Bilawal

Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto, addressing the UN on Friday said that Pakistan would not tolerate cross-border terrorism by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) or other terrorist groups and that the country reserved the right to take direct action against them.

US ‘categorically rejects’ provision of UN resolution on Kosovo

The United States opposes any return of Serbian security forces to Kosovo and has given the breakaway province “firm security guarantees”, State Department special envoy for the region Gabriel Escobar said Tuesday.

“Pakistan has developed a comprehensive nuclear safety and security regime”, Amb Aamir Khan

Ambassador Aamir Khan, Deputy Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the UN, delivered National Statement on Agenda Item 89: "Report of the International Atomic Energy...

UN chief warns against nuclear weapons on the 77th anniversary of Hiroshima

Survivors were "cursed with a radioactive legacy" of cancer and other health problems.

UN: deeply disturbing that Israel has not conducted investigation over Abu Akleh killing

One single bullet injured Ali Sammoudi in the shoulder; another single bullet hit Abu Akleh in the head and killed her instantly.

Ukraine President to address the UN Security Council on Tuesday

The speech, Zelensky's first to the body since Russia's invasion, comes after he made an emotional trip to Bucha