3 years since George Floyd’s murder, police killings of Black Americans rage on

Black people made up 26% of all people killed by American police last year, according to data by Mapping Police Violence

Truck with ‘Nazi flag’ inside crashes into security barrier near White House

A witness to the incident said it appeared to be an intentional ramming

US media disconnected from public – Poll

Americans don’t believe narratives on ‘Russiagate’ or that the Biden family was not engaged in corruption, a poll has suggested

Pentagon sees ‘Chinese threat’ in US default

Top military leaders claim that a massive spending hike is needed to confront Beijing

US jury finds Donald Trump guilty of sexual abuse

The former US president has been found guilty of sexual battery and defamation, but not rape, in the E. Jean Carroll trial

‘Very happy’ Ed Sheeran wins US copyright trial

The English musician hugged his team inside a Manhattan federal courtroom after jurors ruled that he had "independently" created his 2014 song.

White House warns of economic fallout if US defaults

Technically, the United States already hit its debt ceiling in January -- more than $31 trillion -- but the government has been able to work around it for now with various accounting moves known as "extraordinary measures."

Trump groped me on flight, woman tells US civil trial

Jessica Leeds recounted the alleged attack while testifying in the writer E. Jean Carroll's rape and defamation lawsuit against the ex-president.

Stars shine bright in New York as Met Gala honors Lagerfeld

Pop superstar Rihanna showed up late as usual but shut down the red carpet all the same, tennis legend Serena Williams and supermodel Karlie Kloss debuted their baby bumps with flair -- and two celebs dressed up as Lagerfeld's cat.

US committed to Armenia-Azerbaijan peace process: Blinken

Armenia and Azerbaijan are engaged in a decades-long standoff, and have fought two wars over the mountainous enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh that have left tens of thousands dead.

US, Iran confiscate each other’s oil tankers amid sanctions tension

As oil markets remain jittery, the cargo seizure is the latest escalation between Washington and Tehran after years of sanctions pressure by the US over Iran’s nuclear program.

Trump unveils new nickname for Biden

The former president repurposed the moniker he once used against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton