America: Weak Power to Super power to Hyper power?

Prof. Mandelbaum explains how US started as a collection of British settlements and underwent four stages of evolution as an international actor.

Watch PM Shehbaz reaction after told camera is on

PM Shehbaz Sharif was caught by netizens.

Watch how Waziristan Jirga kicks out Mohsin Dawar

Mohsin Dawar was kicked out of peace jirga led by Waziristan leaders in South Waziristan.

Video: Najam Sethi admits PTI popularity going up

Prominent anchors says his wife favors PTI.

Video: Passionate PTI lady leads the crowd

PTI fans came out on the streets without the call of leaders in order to celebrate SC judgement

Watch: ANP leader allegedly issues death threats to Imran Khan

PDM leaders held a press conference where they attacked judiciary and other institutions.

Video: Pervaiz Ilahi says Zardari plan doomed to fail

Pervaiz Ilahi talks to the media before the historic CM Punjab elections in Punjab Assembly.

PTI MPAs arrive in buses at Punjab Assembly

PTI has completely ensured the presence of the MPAs so that they can win the government in Punjab.

Watch journalist Azaz Syed turn against PML-N leadership

Imran Khan's strong critic lashes out at PDM

Watch London’s River Thames turn into Lahore canal

London Bridge became Lahore canal as British kids jump into river to beat the heat.

Video: 187 PTI MPAs gather at Lahore hotel

By gathering 187 MPAs at one place, PTI has highlighted its power and that it will form Punjab govt.

Video: Presiding officer was beaten by PMLN candidate

Days after Punjab by-elections, videos of rigging are going viral. In this video, Hamid Mir exposes PMLN's fascist tactics.