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Did Pak Army acquire Serbian T-55 Tanks?

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Pakistani news websites on March 31 reported that Pakistan has acquired Serbian T-55 tanks. However, according to the Global Village Space (GVS) source from the army, the news is false. Pakistan Army has not acquired any tanks from Siberia.

Pakistan Army has a very robust testing system when it comes to the procurement of defense equipment. Military equipment has to meet the standards.

Pakistan recently rejected two state of the art tanks. Brand new T-84 Oplot and VT-4 tanks were evaluated for procurement but both failed the stringent test. Common sense applies how can Pakistan acquire seven decades-old tanks?

According to the news websites, a deal was signed in 2015 in Belgrade for T-55 tanks with Serbian and a week ago Pakistan received the first batch of 100 out of 282 Russian-made modernized T-55 Tanks from Serbia. These tanks were introduced after WWII and are used by many countries like Serbia, China, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Egypt, and Bangladesh.

A Serbian state-owned company Yugoimport SDPR has not only given a magnificent new look to T-55 tank but also transformed its features and updated the retired machine into a modernized combat vehicle.

Modernized features of T-55 Tanks

The conventional styled 9 meters long, 3.37 meters wide, 2.4 meters high tank, has been upgraded by the company with a new and modern defensive case and with an increased capacity of up to 4 drivers in a single-vehicle.

A more powerful engine along with an expanded speed of 48 km/h makes it more prodigious. A self-propelled anti-aircraft gun which can fire 5 to 6 rounds per minute and a ground clearance tendency of 0.425 meters enable the tanks to meet modernized standards.

Adding further to the commendable features, an improved biological and nuclear protection system for crew members has also been introduced into this upgraded version. While advanced technological features like the distant laser range and night vision feature raised the bar even higher.

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Strengthening role played by T-55 Tanks in Pak Army

According to Pakistani publications, these tanks would be handed to Frontier Corps to monitor the movements of terrorists at the western border of Pakistan. T-55 tanks are comparatively cheaper than existing Al-Zarrar and Al-Khalid tanks.