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PTM: A practical manifestation of 5th generation warfare against Pakistan

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Merwah Qureshi |

Pakistan has remained the epicenter of war on terror. The war against terrorism has brought bruises and scars to her but the men in Khakis fought the hardcore militants valiantly and help Pakistan to get up and made her walk on the path of prosperity and development which irked her arch rivals from east and west. In the presence of an unbeatable armed force, her adversaries knew that Pakistan can never be defeated by kinetic warfare so they adopted the non-kinetic approach.

They used their proxies and hybrid war tactics to disrupt Pakistan’s pace towards growth. This time they hit the fault line of Fata and the Pashtun ethnicity. PTM (Pashtun Tahafuz Movement) is a practical manifestation of this 5th generation hybrid warfare which has its roots in anti-state propaganda setting by anti-Pakistan forces.

In the presence of an unbeatable armed force, the rivals knew that Pakistan can never be defeated by kinetic warfare so they adopted the non-kinetic approach.

Anti-State Posture of PTM

PTM is a movement launched by the Pashtuns for the rights of people of war-ridden areas. However, what makes PTM suspicious is its anti-Pakistan posture. Using the cards of Pashtundeprivation and the combined ethnicity, PTM leadership -under the suspicious umbrella of PTM- is actually helping the anti-state forces to nourish anti-state narrative and to inculcate the anti-establishment approach in the minds of the general populace.

PTM has become a tale of a blame game. Its leadership has directly hit the prestigious institutions of state and has explicitly tried to malign the institution which helped the people of Fata to get rid of this menace of terrorism. Moreover, PTM under the agenda of just demands is accusing the state institutions of the chaos in the Fata region.

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PTM: A real Pashtun Tahafuz Movement or A Conspired Pakistan Torn Movement?

PTM is getting social media support and coverage by US-led western and Indo-Afghan media. Some pseudo-liberals and anti-establishment intellectuals with their short-sightedness are fanning the fuel by justifying and supporting the anti-state narrative of PTM. Furthermore, some Pashtun ethnic political parties aspiring for Pashtunistan find this PTM forum a perfect ground to realize their vicious aspirations.

The actual motivation behind this PTM saga resides in the perennial issue of Pashtunistan. The participation of displaced people from Afghanistan and the support of; Afghan parliamentarians, President Ashraf Ghani and thousands of Afghan refugees also testify this approach.

The insult to injury was added when a man -Toor Khan- was barred from waving Pakistan’s flag in PTM rally

In addition to this, the deputy of TTP’s (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan) South Waziristan wing Azmat Mehsud has appreciated the PTM leadership and has announced TTP’s support to this movement. It has been observed that on 29th April 2018 during PTM rally in Swat, the picture of Manzoor Pashteen with TTP leader Mullah Fazlullah was on several billboards and roadside banners.

The insult to injury was added when a man -Toor Khan- was barred from waving Pakistan’s flag in PTM rally. All these facts strengthened the approach that PTM is not Pashtun Tahafuz Movement but Pakistan Torn Movement. PTM is nothing but an engineered plan devised by the rival forces to affect Pakistan and to obstruct her growth.

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State’s Prudent Approach to Solve this Fiasco

Even after the anti-state posture of PTM, the state tried to solve this fiasco prudently by stepping forward towards negotiations and fulfilling their just demands but the top brass of PTM stepped back. The government has even provided the explanation of security checking in the Fata region that owing to the security dilemma in Fata and KP the state institutions are concerned about the security of these areas. The checking at check posts and other security tasks are for the betterment and safety of the populace of that war-torn area.

They -anti-Pakistan forces- used the constructivist approach and raised this PTM issue to hinder the development of Pakistan.

The government announced to fulfill the demands of PTM as per constitution but PTM leadership seems less interested in negotiation. COAS Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa even visited Naqeeb Mehsud’s home. Moreover, the tribal Jirga is trying to approach the PTM leadership but they aren’t in a mood to solve the issue with a healthy dialogue. Here arises the question that what does the PTM leadership actually wants? This non-negotiating behavior of PTM makes it appear more suspicious.

PTM: A tool of Hybrid Warfare used by Anti-Pakistan Forces

In the light of facts discussed above, it is evident that PTM is a tool of Hybrid warfare used by anti-Pakistan forces to crush Pakistan’s strength and to challenge her existence. Hybrid warfare is the 5th generation non-conventional warfare. In the hybrid warfare, the people are pitched against their own state and people. They are used to revolt against the stable institutions of the state, which then critically affects the national environment and leads towards the humanitarian crises.

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This chaotic environment calls for the intervention of external powers. Thus, making the situation perfect for the adversary to sabotage country’s progress and achieve the desired goal. In the recent past many countries -Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Ukraine-have become the victim of this non-kinetic warfare which left these countries in a devastating situation.

Subverting Pashtuns is something next to impossible for their hearts remember how the men in Wardi – while risking their own lives- fought those militants and protected their people.

Pakistan’s arch-rivals have designed this plot to malign the most prestigious institution of the state. The rivals are actually paranoid about Pakistan’s speedy growth after the initiative of CPEC and her political and security stability. They are trying to affect Pakistan’s pace by their sponsored scheme of PTM. They-anti-Pakistan forces- used the constructivist approach and raised this PTM issue to hinder the development of Pakistan. They knew that Pakistan cannot be beaten by the kinetic approach so they took refuge in using a non-kinetic approach with the help of hybrid war to make Pakistan another Syria or Iraq.

Anti-Pakistan Forces have Struck the Wrong Chord this time

This time these anti-Pakistan forces have struck the wrong chord. They have forgotten that Pashtuns have always stood by the side of Pakistan in every difficult situation. They are 24% of the total population and the second largest ethnic community. Pakistan values the sacrifices they have made. Pakistan has always tried to give them their due share. Pashtuns have seen the gruesome effects of war and who knows war devastations better than them? They know that how the Armed forces of Pakistan protected their lives and families.

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The enemies should be made aware of the fact that Pashtuns have not forgotten the brutalities of TTP and other militant factions. They know that Baitullah, Hakimullah, and Fazlullah were not transported from Rawalpindi. So if anti-state forces think that they can fool Pashtuns and can buy their loyalties then they are absolutely wrong. Subverting Pashtuns is something next to impossible for their hearts remember how the men in Wardi – while risking their own lives- fought those militants and protected their people.

The aforementioned analysis unveils the underlying politics of this PTM. It is quite evident that PTM, as a movement is a covert plan which involves using Pashtuns as puppets to help the enemies achieve their goals.

Way Forward

Pakistan’s government is optimistic about the solution to this foreign-funded issue. The top brass knows that this issue can only be solved prudently. The government has not lost wits and aims to solve this looming threat with the help of an experienced, mature and honest state establishment. The state government is trying to bring PTM leadership to the negotiation table. It is the responsibility of people supporting PTM to think maturely and to persuade PTM leadership for a dialogue.

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It has become incumbent on Pashtun society as a whole and the elderly tribesmen to stand united in this time of need with their state as they had done in past. Moreover, media awareness campaigns should be led to unveil the hidden realities lying under the name of PTM. The Pashtun society should be made aware of the fact that PTM is actually a conspiracy hatched by the enemies of Pakistan to make Pakistan another Syria.

Miss Merwah Hamid Qureshi holds an M. Phil Degree in Biochemistry from QAU, Islamabad and is also a visiting lecturer for International Relations at National Officers Academy (NOA), Rawalpindi. She is a freelance content writer for online portals like Amazon. The views expressed in this article are author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space. 

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  1. Another MQM in making………..just like Altaf Hussain of 80’s , a young man fighting for rights of Mohajirs………..now Manzoor Pashteen so called non violent young leader for Pashtuns rights……….both movement controlled by foreign masters……………some may say over-used & failed script !!!!

  2. no.. i am not agree with this conpirecial theory against PTM. the issues PTM rised are ground realities.. why not state address to the issue.. enough is enough. we tired of proxy wars. we need peace nd prospirity as others in world.

    • I always hated all the narrow nationalists (pashtoon, sindhi, balochi etc.) . Still don’t have any respect for nationalists. I always thought pashtoon is the binding force of Pakistan (Bcz its spread out in the country). I think a common pashtoon has been tortured, ridiculed, deprived, displaced, blamed and used by all. Just some quick facts that a strong patriotic pashtoon has in his or her mind 1. Y FCR for 70 years ? Can any other ethnicity in pakistan imagine in the 21 century . 2. Y thousands and thousands civilians were being armed while having the sixth larges army….. ? 3. Y 1.8 million people were made IDP’s? 4. Y IDP’s were insulted deprived of entering into Sindh and Punjab. 5. Y CM punjub asked terrosits to go blow themselves in KPK not in Punjab. 6. Y its taught in the schools of punjab that pashtoon are JAHIL , Dashathgard, Smuggler etc? 7. Y the police in other provinces did the worst atrocities to pashtoon (yes police is doing to all). But the case of Shaheed Naqeeb and Raw Anwar is in front of all. 8. Y pashtoon were sold out for dollars? 9. Y pashtoon were extra judicially killed? 10. The nation never considered pashtoon as a part of its on, up till now they say it ILAQ E GHARE. Which was proved to pashtoon, when pakistan as an independent nuclear power, with unbeatable 6th largest army, USA was droning the pashtoon. The resistence of the nation was only confined to media statements 11. The missing persons and the suffering of their families are fueling the pashtoon and and and much more. There are millions of peoplel who are unaware of the real situation. Even many pashtoon were kept unaware of the real atrocities perpetuated by our own. Those who want to understand it can only type in on youtube “IMRAN KHAN AND PTM” , “Atrocities of forces on pashtoon” will understand a bit. Now i know many highly educated and successful people who always hated pashtoonism are in line with PTM. The killing of SSP Tahir Dawar , his point of view, the notion of his brother tells us all. Its still time to treat each other with love and respect. Bring the culprits to book. Who ever it is. Pashtoon or non pashtoon. If some one is having any grievances should not be labeled as GHADAR and anti state. We should simply think with open mind and put ourselves in there place and decide intellectually. United we stand divided we ALL fall.

  3. MS Marwa Hamid has written a piece of well meaning commentary. It would have been doing justice to her pen if she had travelled to the affected parts of FATA and taken a humanitarian view of the tragedy the people have suffered there. The enormous casualties and the extensive damage to the properties can’t be measured in the air-conditioned drawing rooms of Lahore or Islamabad. The fact is that the establishment used the pores borders to push armed bands into Afghanistan and now when the well treded paths are used for ingress a hue and cry is raised. Indulging in nefarious was of warfare is to play with double edged sword. No one should be surprised if a rebound takes place. The Mamozai of Orakzai tribe are yet to go back to their home and hearth. Nowhere in the world has a population seen such uprooting caused by their own army as has happened in the FATA. PTM is a spontaneous response to the humiliations and sufferings of the fata people.
    MS Marwa debuts in the journalistic field so it becomes doubly necessary for her to take a full scape view of the roots, causes,handling and mishandling of the crisis before rushing to the print with , by now, well established stamping of anti nationals, foreign hand, outside support etc etc.

  4. First Thing you need not to write about social issues rather you belong to chemical field. Second thing you are using the language of military personnel. Third one is That you didn’t belong to FATA. Your research is just a one sided picture.

  5. Very elaborate and thought provoking piece of Writing , i being a pashtun fully endorse ur version , we have had enough of RAW Proxies here in KPK and FATA so by the looks of PTM I am convinced that it’s another ttp with a light beared head calling himself pashteen . PTM Is anti state and anti pashtons, i request my fellow pashton brotherin to distened their self from this modern day foreign Propaganda machine

  6. Pakistan should never remove check posts. PTM has mostly got the backing of afghan refugees whereas their protests are being arranged organised by NGO’s working openly against the state of Pakistan and its institutions. Must send back all afghan refugees. Enough is enough now we are seeking a bailout from IMF on hand and asking for economic packages from China and Saudi Arabia. Our economy doesn’t allow us to shelter afghan refugees or give them Pakistani nationality ! For gods sake !

  7. Pashteen is replacing the exhuasted old and aged puppets of foreign countries like Altaf Hussain, Achakzai and Asfandyar with the revised paradigm of course of action but the aim is the same. All Pakistanis have sufferred from this war and yes FATA has sufferred more but it does not mean that its done intentionally. When war is fought there are casualties and sufferrings on both sides. If State is responding to their legitimate demands why are they backing away?? The writer has very rightly identified the real culprit being used in this hybrid warfare imposed on Pakistan. All those doubting views of the writer must search and gain knowledge about hybrid wars first and then comment if they want to.
    Pakistan Zindabad

  8. Well we don’t give a damn Whether it’s a fifth generation or 10th generation war against Pakistan but we know that it is a war crime and a genocide of Pashtun and Baluch are Carried by the state of Pakistan

  9. Suppose army finish there check posts for a while you forget the indian raw backed talibans courts where even girls women were also slaughtered and beaten with lashes ??? A small example what has happened before leave it ask whats the situation currently there people are happy to live there they feel safe now so please stop this sterotypical language raw payrolled fake anylysts ……
    Merwah you done a good job keep it up

  10. PTM is anti Pakistan and Pashtuns are pro Pakistan.
    The Pashtun community has rejected PTM and only a hand full of miscreants who have the backing of foreign powers are trying their hands at disrupting the calm that has been brought by the state institutions.
    Pashtuns stand with Pakistan and its institutions

  11. Can any body explain me why Army or ISI knowing Manzoor Pasheen is anti Pakistan and cannot fuck him till this movement. Why our state is so week and waiting these anti Pakistan forces agenda to prevail?

  12. Sana Ullah I am Pashtun, I always been respected accross the country. It depends if you own your country or not. I accept due to only corrupt leadership people are deprived of their rights. IDPs were settled back now, and it was required to save civilians from hard hit war zones. If anyone one have grivience our law not permits to defame and abuse army or state and burn flag. Do protest but with pride and positivity and with patriotism first, SC is independent and anyone can register a petition.

  13. The ideas projected by Ms. Marwa are another expression of the stereotype that have been in vogue against Pakistan’s disgruntled minorities. She is in fact hyping up the issue to a military tune and wants us to believe that the minorities have been hijacked by India, Israel and America to dismember Pakistan. This is a false project and wouldn’t quell the issues at all.

    However, if she is using it as a logic for further militaristic solutions in KPK and the Western border than this can be seen as yet another attempt to make PTM another scape goat for another homegrown war (The leaders of the PTM have already warned of such a situation).

    The problem emanates from an often neglected area of Pakistan’s national memory. It is the total disregard of rule of law by the military, perpetrated on the behest of dictators which grew into an unwritten policy followed by subsequent commanders as an unavoidable necessity in case of cover ups of the nefarious decision making and totally criminal actions of the dictators. Out of thousands let’s take the case of Lal Masjid, Ojri Camp and Agar Talla Conspiracy Case. All three are well remembered and serve as icons in ascertaining the level of personal substance of the three globally known dictators of Pakistan namely, Musharraf, Zia and Ayub. Although this argument can be taken up as a case in research, the scribe would curtail it for the purpose of brevity by maintaining that the dictators of Pakistan are still cherished by millions only because the military, perhaps inadvertantly, or as a psychological defence mechanism, has not only kept alive the memory, achievements and political strategy of dictators , but have also used it as a king pin in their incursions into state craft and policy making.

    The recent upheavals in FATA and Baluchistan can be linked to the military commanders’ failures in management of micro policy mechanisms. Murders of innocent civilians with available video, digital and eye witness records can never be covered up with force or further killings and suppression.

    Such situations could have been and still be avoided and remedied. The only way forward now is to effectively put a STOP to using military means in the highly charged area of the country and to denounce, investigate and exhibit zero tolerance to crimes committed by military personnel/officers/ law enforcement agencies in the name of security.

    The idea of treating the military as untouchables even in case of heinous crimes must be abolished by visible, media projected and legal actions from the high command and the formal military – civil forums. Also the military shouldn’t act as the spearhead of development and accountability because it will bring them into public gaze and their failures or evasions will be hard to cover.

    PTM, BLA and JSQM have all emerged because the people of FATA and Baluchistan specifically and that of KPK and Sindh have experienced the Military’s high handedness and disregard of rule of law over the last three decades.

    The state structure which is being marginally manned by PTI should be used to create forums for a piece focused discourse. Military should be given a stand down order and must exhibit highest level of tolerance and subservience to rule of law.

    However, if this is all happening because of Pakistani intelligence agencies creating scenarios as part of defence strategy then the civilian government of PTI should in unambiguous terms excuse themselves and the civilian bureaucracy from the show and outsource it totally to the so called strategists so that this time around, Imran Khan and his PTI will not be the next Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and PPP in case of another national tragedy.

  14. Also it is a very rampant response of writers from Punjab (the real ruling majority) are also, generally speaking, the supporters of the military dictators and wouldn’t budge from labelling minority’s political activists, leaders, writers and thinkers as ghaddars and enemies of the state. While history shows the opposite to be the case.

    In the present scenario the writer Ms. Marwa hasn’t hesitated to completely disregard the video and digital proofs of military’s crimes of extra judicial killings, bombings and forced evacuations of Pashtun territories. She seems to have succumbed to the narrative that the impoverished, willfully uneducated, radicalized Pashtun tribal people are totally responsible for their plight. The irony is that she projects her right up as a research document.

    It can be termed a research in inverse. PTM is the only rights group which is crying hoarse for implementation of the Constitution of Pakistan and rule of law across FATA and elsewhere in Pakistan. While the writer identifies PTM as a fifth, sixth or tenth generation proxy of India, America and Israel. She forgets that the biggest proxies of Pakistan’s enemies were Musharraf, Zia and Ayub and they did everything what their masters wanted them to do and brought Pakistan where it is today.

    I really think that as Musharraf opened Pakistan to Black Water in total disregard of Pakistan’s national interest, he and his followers sowed the seeds which we’re facing today.

    The killings of Sami ul Haq and SP Dawar if not carried out by agencies’ rogues, can be clearly attributed to Black Water or other such outfits. That should be the focus of discussion. Not the stereotype offal Ms. Marwa has produced.

  15. The Whole Article Is Jhoot And Fake Who Ever Write This Iam Asking or Challenging Him For Live Face to Face Talk With Him Being Patriotic Pakistani I Rejext Your Statement Manzoor is Patriotic Pakistani and Brother Plz Just Visit Fata Areas Specially North And South Waziristan You Will Then Realize The Truth And You Will Become Manzoor Follower

  16. When you are going to report or articulate any crisis, strategically cum journalistically speaking, you should be objective and leave the conclusion to the audience, for making opinions. Pardon ma.m, you have done good with writing by using good vocabulary of I.R; not well with research. Yes, you are true about hybrid warfare; true about anti pakistan proxies like TTP, nevertheless, you ain’t true about the FATA community and eventually my pashtoon brothers. You stayed good with defending our country’s one institution, but failed representing my Pakistan.
    Furthermore, realistically we need major armoury and chauvinistic military against those balatant militants backed heavily by anti Pakistani forces. But also need our all state institutions to work and stand where they sit. Unfortunately, it is not happening, negotiation is not the domain of military, albeit, interior ministry’s. I haven’t seen and read much more about PTM, due to my naïveness or ordered ban on coverage, whatever you name it.
    Additionally, freedom of expression should not be haulted until it shows bigotry. And even more, it shouldn’t be concluded as bigoted, until you actually learn what are they expressing, by taking them on the table. Although, they rebuked against a state institution, but they never showed anathema against the state, nor they took Kalashnikov’s in their hands like TTP did.
    In a nutshell, what our Minister of Interior, Mr. imran khan is demanding for Yemen and Afghanistan: A political settlement of crisis, should note for FATA too. Military isn’t obliged to do negotiations, as they are literally hawkish. It’s the business of doves.

  17. Miss Mawra has assesed the prevelent situation in Pakistan…Here the Ladies and men …the reality is that the Pushtons are True Pakistani but Afghani are not…Afghani in the garb of Paki Pushtun spreading Propaganda in Pakistan…now being the United Pakistani we have to kick the Afghanies on their Ass as we have kicked the TTPs..meating of Mohsin Dawar with Husain Haqani has cleared

  18. Another fake expert on “FATA” background of a bio chemistry is discussing politics, she has never been to fata, wish she has tried to contact Manzoor pashteen and could have asked relevant question, this is like I don’t know abc of biochemistry and start writinh something on biochemistry, Kho do u have any clue how could thousands people comes to every Jalsa of PTM? Why hundreds women used to visit every Jalsa? Why most of educated Pashtuns are their supporters?
    They have 5 demands ask your army if he can resolve this?
    1) present all missing persons to courts
    2) a truth and reconsilation commission should be formed
    3) a commission should be formed to investigate every extra judicial incident
    4) land mines should be removed from fata
    5) Rao Anwar should be hanged
    6) an international inquiry of the killing of tahir Dawar?
    Why state is reluctant from these demands?

  19. Babar Khan I agreed with your comments, the truth is that you explained. This game should be finished now,otherwise pushtoon will decide to dye together not separate.

  20. People against PTM are those, whose not belong to affected areas of KPK, and the majority are not pushtoon. PTM consist of highly educated people, like docters, engineers, lawers etc. PTM is the only and only last hope for pushtoon. PTM only wants peace on his homeland. Why not or security agencies review the bull sheet policies which are totaly against pushtoon.

  21. The writing was accomplished, while the writer was in military uniform. Seeing through military lenses will obviously produce such a worthless piece..

  22. I am agree with this splendid piece of writing. I have some questions with so called PTM puppets and their supports..if they consider Pashteen is on right track of his so called struggle. It amounts to some questions.. Why he doesn’t raise Pakistan flag in his so called stupidity jalsi.. Why he doesn’t talk about the integrity of federation.. Why he doesn’t barck on Afghanistan indian and America role against war and terror .. Why Pashteen is reluctant to talk about social justice based on equality… Why he doesn’t talk about social reforms… Why he doesn’t talk about basic and fundamental rights of people of FATA… Why he doesn’t talk about the the role of international great game.. Why he doesn’t talk about reforms about school colleges, universities health center hospital, infrastructure and social construction for Phashtoons… We admire his demands are legitimate but show aggression against state and elaborate anger and sloganized against one and only institute is not a way to achive demands.. We respect all these demands and emphasis state to look after the reservation of pashtoon but it should be a in democratic way even caring about the integrity of federation and institutions . We also raise voice when the people disappear even condemn the killing of innocent people and condemn the terrorism in any face. We are also against exploitation of any caste tribe and ethnic and raise voices for the prosperity and betterment . Pashteen ever raise voice against foreign intervention in Pakistan? Did the Pashteen ever address to his people about role of America and India. According to PTM army is hurdle for his legitimate demads For the sake of argue if we accept.. Pshateen ever admire the cost which we paid and sacrifices of others institutions and comman people of Pakistan in war and terror.. Therefore i can say Pashteen get a role of 5th generation warfare to destabilize the federation by braking against one institution.

  23. With a great regret I have to report , that Global Village Space has changed the name of my recently published article after four days of its publishing. The actual title was ‘PTM: A practical manifestation of 5th warfare against Pakistan.’ Not only this but the number of shares have also been reduced from 13.4k to 418. I wonder what sort of journalistic norms are being promoted. This is nothing but an IDEA THEFT. Here is the screenshot of actual article. Kindly share this post. I want the culprits to be apprehended for this IDEA THEFT.

  24. You just played with words. Before writting, you need to look to both sides of the picture. You should read the Constitution of Pakistan, then compare the demands of PTM with that Constitution. I hope you will find some relief.

  25. You just played with words. Before writting, you need to look to both sides of the picture. You should read the Constitution of Pakistan, then compare the demands of PTM with that Constitution. I hope you will find some relief.

  26. I think TLP is a greater threat to Pakistan’s stability then PTM..

    Khadim Rizvi himself claimed that he received numerous sums of money at his Dharna.. He feels it is from his supporters, whereas in reality it is from those elements in our society who want to destabilize Pakistan

  27. Note to Ms Marwah, You still need to study more beyond the typical pakistani history books .. hope you would understand what i m trying to say.

  28. Shame on all those people who is trying to blackmailing PTM…it’s the voice of the voiceless pashtoons and also Balochs they want to mobilize people for their basic and fundamental rights under the constitution of the Pakistan. Here in Pakistan the must sacred institution which called pak Army are not following the role and regulations of dear land .so who can they save the country? They have no thing to do just kill innocent civilians and gaining dollars..have many things to say about but in short i want to say that all Pakistanis should to think & research about the current curel issues of our dear land and not make themselves stereotypical just to follow madia and ither things they should to interacte with each other closely and sweep all misunderstanding among all sacts….

  29. Well, torturing , killing abducting ones own people and asking them to felicitate for the act is inhuman. Sorry to say, your article didn’t convince me to change my opinion. It were nothing more than wishy washy dialogues with no facts. Better come up with robust facts next time.

  30. I think it’s our bad fortune that Inspite of the fact that pashtun are facing for the last twelve years, all kind of hardships such as, killing, kidnapping, cutting into pieces like chickens, demolishing their houses, their target killing, made them muhajirs in their own country and still if someone cries and if someone is begging for justice, if someone is begging for equal rights of citizenship, if someone is demanding fair trial for their beloved, if someone talks of the constitutional rights of pashtuns, THEN the so-called patriots/writers intellectuals says that pashtuns are doing this because they are funded and supported by some enemies of pakistan. Simple is that, that don’t beat me I will not cry. Don’t disgrace me at every check point even in our houses, we will not cry. Don’t deal pashtuns as third class citizen, they will not cry and you will have no chance to call them traitors. Pashtuns are unmatchable patriots, but unfortunately still no one is ready to confess this bitter fact. And remember that no one can hide the sun behind ones finger.

  31. COAS visit to Naqeeb mehsud was not PTM demand, there demand was to hang Rao Anwar who is a cruel police officer, and who Martyred Naqeeb ullah mehsud in a fake encounter.. People from FATA support PTM because your Army not only Displaced the People from FATA but also destroyed their homes, and For Rehabilitation they only gave a small amount of Money, dont explain the bravery of your Brave army, it was pakistan army in 80s whose 70K soldiers were surrendered.. And dont blame PTM for working on Foreign agenda provide proofs, your Intelligence agency is one of the world’s top agency

  32. Your writing was one sided. Or lack of knowledge..just one question I will raise..why RAO Anwar is still not punished which the Pakistani courte stood him culprit and killed 444 human beings..institution are not ready to give rights to pakhtoon and this is the cause to blame PTM….all ptm demands are under pakistan constitution ..we are patriotic hug the pakhtoon instead of pushing them..pakistan zindabad long live pakistan

  33. Miss Merwah, you can become a good writer if you write some fiction based stories which don’t involve much observations. Such current issue can only be evaluated on real grounds, for which you must need to visit the concerned areas to know what they (PTM) claim and if the demands are humanitarian based so our army and othe law enforcing agencies should accept them.
    You don’t know the pain of that lady who has been harassed when she was there in the commission for missing persons to register the complain of her missing husband. This is just a small piece of information which might bring some tears in your eyes if you imagine yourself in the same situation.
    I would only suggest you to please include realities in your content.
    Thank you..


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