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Thursday, May 25, 2023

In Faisalabad a daughter saved her father’s life by donating her liver

According to ARY News, doctors of Sindh Institute of Medical Sciences Gambat performed liver transplant and successfully operated on Tariq Iqbal, a citizen of Faisalabad.

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For the first time in Pakistan, doctors performed a successful liver transplant of different blood groups, after which the hopes of thousands of patients waiting for a liver transplant were brightened.

Both the patient and the liver donor daughter are in good condition. According to the report of British Broadcasting Corporation, Tariq Iqbal Shehzada, a resident of Faisalabad, had a successful liver transplant for the first time in the history of Pakistan at Pir Abdul Qadir Shah Jilani Institute of Medical Sciences, Gambat in Khairpur district of Sindh. Transplanted.

As soon as he regained consciousness after the operation, Tariq Iqbal had asked about his daughter. On this occasion, he said that daughters do not take anything but give. My daughter also saved my life by giving me her liver. He further went on the praise his daughter how she is more than his three sons.

The operation was done by Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Dogar, Head of Gambat Organ Transplant Department, and his team.

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Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Dogar said that according to the laws of transplant in Pakistan, only close relatives and blood relatives can donate any part of the body. However, we had not yet told the family that Zainab’s liver would be the best fit for Tariq.

He further went on to say, “Zainab came to me alone and requested that if her father had his liver transplanted, he would be very happy. I have been using this technology for the last ten years.”

According to Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Dogar, in order to transplant according to the incompatible procedure, the antibody or immunity of the human body is reduced to a certain level so that Accept another blood group or someone else’s body part whose blood group is not found.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Dogar said that in this process he had the help of Dr. Shehzad Sarwar, Dr. Roznia, Dr. Farhan, and Dr. Nadeem, experts in other fields of his institute. According to Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Dogar, The patient has to use some essential medicines all his life and Tariq has to do the same. His blood type is O positive but now it will happen if he ever needs red blood cells in his life. It will look positive, but if they need to have white blood cells, it will look A-positive because the blood group of Zainab, who donated liver to them, is B-positive.

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While this news was trending on Twitter, netizens seem to pour in love and appreciation for the father and daughter.