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Can an FIR be registered against the invigilator who harassed girls at Bahria?

A Facebook user points out the complexity of the situation.

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Several college girls have accused an invigilator of sexually harassing them during their intermediate examination at Bahria College Islamabad on Tuesday. While celebrities have voiced their support for the victims a Facebook user points out the complexity of the situation.

“Their college staff and faculty are furious that they dared to bring a bad name to the highly reputable college and are giving them death stares.

“The administration of Bahria needs to take a PUBLIC stand against his atrocious man. APOLOGIZE to the hundreds of young girls Saadat Bashir has molested s far, for enabling his predatory behavior and turning a blind eye to it.

Here is the reality of these girls. They're ALL less than 18 years of age. Not even old enough to have ID cards or to…

Posted by Rija Rehan on Wednesday, May 30, 2018


A student accused Bashir of touching her inappropriately twice during their Biology practical exam held on May 24.
“He twice touched me inappropriately during the exams,” she said.

She further added that Bashir sexually harassed more than 80 girls who were giving their practical exam.  She said he threatened to deduct marks if any of the victims lodged a complaint against him.

The student mentioned the details of the event in a lengthy Facebook post. She mentioned that girls were afraid after the incident and reported the incident to their female teacher.

The authorities of Bahria College have lodged an official complaint to the board following the allegations of sexual harassment on Saadat Bashir.

“We have received a complaint today and are looking into it to dig out facts by holding an inquiry”, an official privy to the development told to a local publication.

On the contrary, Saadat Bashir has denied the allegations calling it an attempt to malign him.

“I might have bumped into someone in the lab where many students were performing dissection but that does not mean it was deliberate or I wanted to harass students”.

“I’m a struggling teacher with 12 years of experience and my family is in shock after this malicious campaign against me,” he claimed.

Actors and celebrities, including Mahira Khan, have demanded justice for the girls. She in her tweet has urged other victims to speak up against Saadat Bashir.

The members of the Police department have also requested the girls to come forward and register complains against him so that an action can be taken against him after the issue went viral on social media.

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  1. I hope people Would get to know about Such bastards hidden inside Bahria University Also , i-e Abdullah hafeez. Bahria college and University both have many Teachers who are into harassment and all this but girls don’t speak out because of our cultural and justice system. Every student is pressurized in such a way that they feel sick about their futures and studies, and are always worried about their spending on studies and what will happen if they ll speak about these issues. But at last we have to speak for this and have to support the voices of people who have raised their voices.


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