Imtiaz khan
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Moeed Pirzada |

Dear All, Many of you will remember Imtiaz Khan who passionately contributed to the debates on this page. Heated arguments between him and Himanshu amused many and irritated others. I have learnt that he died on 30th March in Canada.

I never knew much about him but from his arguments and his criticism of myself or my opinions, I could guess that he was a hyper-nationalist, a super Pakistani patriot whose yardstick of nationalism I often failed to meet. Maybe if he were alive in the first week of April he would have forgiven me after reading my piece on “Pakistani Liberals”!!

May Allah bless his soul and give fortitude to all his family and loved ones to bear his loss! Amen! We will definitely miss his enthusiasm and feverish energy on this page. I wonder who will now stimulate Himanshu into his frenzied actions; sometimes in the rivalry, we do have a meaningful relationship!


Moeed Pirzada is prominent TV Anchor & commentator; he studied international relations at Columbia Univ, New York and law at London School of Economics. Twitter: MoeedNj. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Global Village Space’s editorial policy. This piece was first published in Moeed Pirzada’s official page. It has been reproduced with permission.

Moeed Hasan Pirzada is a Pakistani political commentator, geostrategic analyst, and a television news journalist. He is an anchor at Dunya News and hosts TV programs. He has interviewed many politicians around the world. Moeed Hassan Pirzada has also been a Director World Affairs and Content Head of PTV News and hosted the famous talk show Sochta Pakistan, a program that discussed national, regional, strategic, social and educational issues with politicians, analysts and policy makers. He has worked with Dunya News-TV channel as a Director World Affairs and hosted the current affairs talk show Dunya Today. He has written for Dubai-based regional paper Khaleej Times. His columns have appeared in major Pakistani papers such as Dawn, The News International, Daily Times, Friday Times and blogs. He has attended national and international conferences, seminars and policy workshops and had been a member of the Prime Minister's Education Task Force that collaborated with the British Council to produce the Next Generation Report. He has contributed policy papers to Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI) and also written several policy pieces for Pique Magazine. He is an Executive Director of Governance & Policy Advisors (GAPA) that provides consultancy services to the government institutions, development organizations and corporate bodies on issues related to media, governance, health policy, and regional peace.

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