1. Your write is very good and informative.
    Few things though I want to mention
    Interdependency among neighbours or good relationship is good thing and for that Pak need to tackle economic hitman/ economic terrorism and corruption. Once these are controlled foreign direct investment will flood in that would increase the production capacity and then Pak

    • Thankyou Taimur. and tackling trade imbalance in the world where capitalism has prevailed since long, sounds more like Utopian dimension. Any country can attract investments and foreign interests by creating economic hit-men; their purpose of existence is to boom domestic currency and flourish state’s finances. Therefor, i think Pak should invest in creating such economic hitman who can ensure dependence of regional players on Pakistan, certainly not absolute but partial. And as far as economic terrorism and corruption is concerned then NAB, FBR and FIA all should come on one table to derive policies, in order to counter domestic and foreign threats. At this stage, i assume our economy is targeted more by domestic predators and to solve this problem the only hope is, accountability.


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