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Kabul & Washington: On same wavelength

Mujib Abid | The brutality of the Afghan war, while consistently downplayed – in civilian casualty reports, disputed territory, vulnerability of Kabul government, among other...

Afghanistan – A view from Pakistan

K. Hussan Zia | President Trump and his cohorts are accusing Pakistan of perfidy for taking $33 billion in aid from the U.S and not...

3 Pakistani civilians injured after India violates ceasefire

News Analysis | The Pakistan Army befittingly responded to unprovoked firing by the Indian security forces at the Working Boundary (WB), leaving at least one...

After India & Afghanistan, Iran commits act of aggression against Pakistan

News Analysis | Iranian troops fired at least 11 mortar shells into bordering town near Panjgur district in Balochistan causing no casualty in a new...



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