How can I play Teen Patti  Online with Friends?

India gave birth to the game of Teen Patti, which is both like and unlike poker. Twelve or more players may participate in simultaneous play. This game of chance is played using a deck of 52 cards. Three cards are dealt to each participant. The bets are collected into a pot, and the pot is awarded to the victor.

The game’s rules are rather straightforward. Each player is expected to make a financial contribution, which rises as more bets are made. The players have not seen the blind cards when they are dealt. If they decide to pick up the cards, they can opt to go for a chaal or leave the game with a pack.

How to play Teen Patti  Online with Friends?

The online card game, originally made accessible in 2013, may be played on Facebook or by downloading the Teen Patti app from Google Play or Appstore. Over 40 million people have used this program, and 3.5 million routinely play this online card game, making it a social media sensation. Follow these instructions to play Teen Patti online:

  • Install the Teen Patti app on your phone or tablet.
  • Create a profile on the app.
  • Make sure that you have a proper connection to the internet
  • Send your pals the online game’s invitation link so they may join in the fun from anywhere!

Online Hand Rankings for 3 Patti

If you choose to download Teen Patti, the following rules are listed in order from best to worst:

  • Set or Trail
  • Pure Sequence
  • The order (or run)
  • Colour
  • Pair (two identical cards)
  •  High Card.

A-K-Q is the highest-ranking sequence in a three-Patti sequence found online, with A-2-3 coming in second.

What are the Rules of playing Teen Patti  game online

Teen Patti  game online is a multiplayer card game that uses a conventional 52-card deck without any jokers. Based on the Teen Patti  rules, this online tash game may be played by a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 people. The “Boot amount,” which is a sum collected from players and represents the agreed-upon minimum stake, marks the beginning of gameplay. When a person plays the 3 Patti game online, money is placed in the centre of the table, and its worth increases as the game go on.

The player randomly given the button at the start of the game is the dealer. The dealer deals the cards in an anticlockwise orientation. Each player is dealt three cards, laid down face down on the table, to start the 3 Patti real money cash game.

After the cards have been dealt out, play starts with the player seated to the dealer’s left. Players may now select whether they want to reveal or conceal the cards in the Teen Patti  game when it’s their turn to play for real money.

Tricks to win the Teen Patti  online game

By planning beforehand, you may increase your chances of winning in the Teen Patti real money Game. When playing 3 Patti online, it’s crucial to prepare your moves in advance and attempt to win. In the 3 Patti online real money app, there is no restriction to the number of stake rounds. According to the 3 Patti rules, the person who places a blind bet is referred to as the blind player, and the person who places a wager after seeing the cards is also called a seen player. The 3 Patti real money winner is the person with the best high-ranking hand.

  • Keep it tight

How you play is one of the most important aspects of winning a Teen Patti online game. Careful behaviour will produce superior outcomes. It might be difficult to get any cards with good pot odds while playing against an opponent that doesn’t make many errors and seldom bluffs.

  • Start with small bets to win at Teen Patti.

Many players make the error of placing a large wager on their first hand. First-time 

players are advised to start betting modestly following the 3 Patti rules before progressively increasing their wagers. Making tiny bets will allow you to play Teen Patti online with fewer errors.

  • Sideshows have benefits

Online 3 Patti games often feature sideshows, which might take the shape of tells, tricks, or by-passes. They are advantageous for 3 Patti online gamers because they provide a diversion and place a second wager, or “putting the pressure on” or “pushing the bluff” in 3 Patti parlance. They essentially make your adversaries fold and show their cards. According to Teen Patti regulations, it is advised that you play a number of sideshows before drawing one large card.

What are the Variations of the Teen Patti  online game

A 3 Patti real money game can be played in various ways, frequently alone or in combination.

  • Greatest-of-four: Each player receives four cards instead of the usual three, and they must assemble the best possible Indian Teen Patti hand using those three cards.
  • Lowball – According to the unique 3 Patti regulations, the hand rankings are flipped in this Teen Patti download real money variation, with the lowest rank now holding the highest rank and vice versa.
  • Wild draw: Following the Teen Patti rules, after dealing, the dealer chooses one card at random and declares all other cards of the same rank as wild cards.
  • Bust card draw: In this 3 Patti cash game, the dealer deals first and then, after pulling out a card at random, declares all cards of the same rank as bust cards. According to Teen Patti regulations, any player holding one of the bust cards must fold.
  • Stud: Each player in this Teen Patti online game of Stud is dealt a predetermined mix of face-up and face-down cards. Hole cards are the cards handed to each player face-down. Street cards are the cards that are dealt face-up. Depending on the version of Teen Patti you’re playing, the mix of street cards and hole cards is decided.



Playing Teen Patti online with friends is fun. You must choose the right casino to play your online Teen Patti real money games and win real money. You can ask your friends and take their references to choose the right place to play the game at. If nothing still suits you, it is a good idea to look for online reviews on reputable websites like and decide on the right casino to enjoy your games.