Hania Amir breaks silence on her friendship with Badshah

Pakistani actress Hania Amir break silence over her growing friendship with Indian rapper Badshah. In the latest interview, the actress talked about how the friendship begin between two celebrities...

Karachi expected to receive higher monsoon rains this season

Monsoon rains are expected to happen in the city in July and August. There are likely chances of 100% increase in rainfalls.

The President of the UAE pledges a $10 billion investment in Pakistan

According to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office, the meeting offered a platform to explore bilateral relations, encompassing collaboration in political, economic, social, cultural, and defense domains. The Prime...

Potential new Earth discovered: Gliese 12 b

While Gliese 12 b presents a tantalizing possibility for habitability, reaching it with current technology is a significant challenge.

iOS 17.5.1 bug resurrects deleted photos, sparking privacy concerns

The unexpected bug in iOS 17.5.1 has not only brought back long-gone images but also raised significant privacy concerns.

Massive outage disrupts Microsoft services, Bing, and AI tools globally

Microsoft acknowledged the issue in a post on X, stating that they were "working to isolate the cause of the issue."

Kate Middleton Faces Pressure to Resume Royal Duties Amid Cancer Recovery

Although Kate is undergoing preventative chemotherapy for cancer, she is feeling immense pressure to return to her official roles.

CDA Demolishes PTI Office Portion, Sparks Backlash

While the CDA maintained that it had sent multiple notices to the former ruling party, PTI Chairman Barrister Gohar Khan denied receiving any such directives.

New York mayor announces rat summit

Eric Adams said he “hates” the pests and intends to gather leading specialists to solve the city’s endemic rodent problem

Taiwan puts military on high alert

Taipei has scrambled jets after China launched war games to punish the self-governing island for alleged “separatist acts”

Putin lays groundwork for confiscation of US assets

A roadmap has been prepared in anticipation of possible misappropriation of Russian state funds by Washington

Iran’s military reveals new details of Raisi crash

The president was returning from a ceremony on the border with Azerbaijan when his helicopter crashed, killing everyone on board