Iraqi PM Announces Plan for Oil Self-Sufficiency Within Two Months

Iraqi Prime Minister pledges official oil self-sufficiency within two months, aiming to save $3.2 billion by ceasing imports.

Deadly Fire Erupts at Retirement Home in Northwestern Germany

A fatal fire at a retirement home in northwestern Germany claims the lives of four elderly residents, with at least 18 others injured.

Utility Store Corporation Launches Prime Minister’s Ramazan Relief Package 2024

The Utility Store Corporation unveils a Rs 7.5 billion PM’s Ramazan Relief Package 2024, providing subsidies on 19 basic food items.

UN High Commissioner Urges Restraint to Prevent Escalation of Gaza Situation

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights emphasizes the need to prevent escalation of the Gaza conflict, warning of broader repercussions.

FIA Clears Rahat Fateh Ali Khan of Money Laundering and Tax Evasion Allegations

FIA closes its investigation into singer Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for lack of evidence of money laundering or tax evasion.

Atlantic Council Terminates Relationship with Fraudulent Donor Gaurav Srivastava

The Atlantic Council terminates its ties with donor Gaurav Srivastava due to fraudulent activities, including impersonating a CIA operative.

Two Pakistani women among Forbes most powerful businesswomen in Middle East

In 2006, Asif co-founded a healthcare corporation and took on the role of chief executive in December 2023.

CM Maryam Nawaz mixes up English Grammar with Geography

CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz is grabbing attention on social media for another gaffe of mixing up English grammar and Geography during her visit to the girl's school this morning. A...

Mark Zuckerberg, wife in awe of luxurious watch of Anant Ambani

The wedding of Anant Ambani is currently trending atop social media of Pakistan and India. The extravagant wedding arrangements and the bigwigs of Bollywood in attendance have left social media users amazed on both sides of the border.

London Mayor speaks up against Islamophobic attacks

In a recent interview with Geo News, London Mayor Sadiq Khan addressed the alarming rise of racist and Islamophobic attacks against him.

Apple’s legal battle over unfair market dominance

At the crux of the legal battle lies the accusation that Apple has monopolized cloud storage through its iCloud platform.

SpaceX successfully launches Falcon 9 rocket with four crew members

The mission, designated Crew 8, marks another collaboration between NASA and SpaceX in advancing human spaceflight capabilities.