Kaedim secures $15M funding to support AI-driven 3D asset creation solutions

blankKaedim, a startup that specializes in AI-driven 3D asset creation solutions, has recently secured $15 million in its Series A funding round. The company aims to streamline the process of creating 3D assets and has launched a new marketplace showcasing 10,000 pre-generated assets.

The funding round was led by A16z Games, with participation from Pioneer Fund and other notable investors such as Scott Gelb, Nate Mitchell, Eden Chen, and Siqi Chen. With this investment, Kaedim plans to enhance its platform, expand its team, and further penetrate the market.

One of Kaedim’s key offerings is a suite of tools designed to assist creators in building 3D assets. The company aims to augment artists’ efforts rather than replace them. The toolset includes a 3D workflow solution that integrates with popular software like Unreal and Blender, smart add-ons for a 3D modeling pipeline, automatic UV unwrapping, a managed service for custom 3D asset generation using machine learning models, and additional enterprise features.

Kaedim’s CEO, Konstantina Psoma, highlighted the rapid growth of 3D technology in various industries over the past five years. The applications of 3D technology span across e-commerce, gaming, 3D printing, AR/VR, and more. Psoma expressed the company’s mission to empower the next phase of 3D content creation, drawing a parallel to what DALL-E did for 2D images and concept art.

The funding raised by Kaedim demonstrates the growing importance of AI-driven solutions in the field of 3D asset creation. The demand for high-quality assets is increasing as industries like gaming and e-commerce continue to thrive. Kaedim’s tools offer a way for creators to streamline their workflow and generate assets more efficiently.

The new marketplace introduced by Kaedim is particularly exciting. With 10,000 pre-generated assets, users will have access to a vast library of resources to enhance their projects. Additionally, the inclusion of user-created assets further enriches the platform. This marketplace has the potential to become a go-to destination for professionals in need of 3D assets.

The involvement of prominent investors in Kaedim’s funding round speaks to the company’s potential and the confidence people have in its technology. The backing of industry insiders like Scott Gelb and Nate Mitchell adds further credibility to Kaedim’s offerings.

Overall, Kaedim’s $15 million funding round is a significant milestone for the company and the field of AI-driven 3D asset creation. With this investment, Kaedim can continue to innovate and expand its platform, ultimately benefiting artists, designers, and professionals in various industries. The future looks promising for Kaedim as it aims to revolutionize 3D content creation.