The Science of Slot Volatility: How Random Number Generators Determine Your Fate

Many people enjoy playing slot games because they are based on luck and chance, and you can’t control the outcome. However, even though you can’t change your luck, you can still learn about certain terms related to slot games, such as volatility, to help you choose the right games for you.  Many casinos provide information about the volatility of their slot games. for example, you can read information about Japanese online casino slot volatility here. This helps players decide which strategy to use when playing different games. Volatility refers to how often you win and how much you can win. High-volatility slots can be riskier, but they often have bigger wins. Whereas medium- and low-volatility games have a lower risk but smaller wins.

The Ins and Outs of RNGs

When it comes to online casinos, the shuffle process done by a dealer is replaced by a mathematical formula known as an RNG algorithm. This algorithm ensures that each deal, dice roll, or roulette spin is completely random and impossible to predict. Without an RNG, online casinos cannot give an assurance of equal opportunities for all players. The use of RNG algorithms ensures fair play in online casinos and transparency in the gaming industry.

In layperson’s terms, the random number generator is a mathematical algorithm that produces random numbers at high speed. These numbers determine the order of the symbols on the reels and the outcome of the particular spin. Every time you press the spin button, the RNG computes a new number, so the result of each spin is entirely arbitrary. It’s what makes slot games unpredictable and exciting.

Types of RNGs

Commonly, there are two types of random number generators: 

  • Pseudorandom RNG. It produces a sequence of numbers haphazardly by using mathematical algorithms.
  • Hardware RNG: These RNGs come as external devices connected to a casino’s server via USB. 

Even though different, both serve the same goal― to deliver a sequence of numbers that is not repetitive.

How Do RNGs Affect Players

While playing your favorite slot game, the key thing to remember is that your chances of winning are completely random, regardless of how fast you play or whether you play at a popular slot machine. The best thing you can do is play at a pace you feel comfortable with and choose a slot machine that appeals to you rather than the one that seems popular with other players. Also, don’t expect to win the jackpot just because the prize pool is very high or because it hasn’t been won for a while.

All in all, RNGs are developed to diminish the possibility of number prediction and eliminate possible foul play. If you’re all about fun and play, RNGs ensure precisely that. 

Types of Slots Based on Volatility

As we mentioned, slots are considered either high or low in volatility. However, there’s a grey area known as medium-volatility slots. However, there is also a middle ground called medium-volatility slots. Interestingly, many software providers do not readily disclose the volatility level of their games to players. The more time you spend spinning, the clearer it will become what type of slot you are dealing with. That way, you can presume the frequency of the wins, as well as how big they can get

Low-Volatility Slots

These are the types of slots that bring the most frequent wins. Yet, the size of the win is not so impressive. This doesn’t mean that you won’t win much; it just means that you’ll win smaller gains. The more you play, you’ll eventually amass quite a gain. 

Medium-Volatility Slots 

When playing these slots, you shouldn’t expect to win as often. Also, the gains are neither big nor small. 

High-Volatility Slots

These slots are a gamer’s delight. You can expect to win massive gains but don’t hold your breath too much, as those wins will happen periodically. 

The Final Say: How Random Number Generators Influence the Payout Outcome

If you thought you could cheat a slot, you can’t. Thanks to using random number generators (RNGs) generating up to at least 200,000 digits, it is practically impossible to predict the sequence of numbers.  

It all comes down to plain luck and perseverance. If you play a low-volatility slot, you’ll land smaller wins more frequently; on the contrary, high-volatility slots will deliver more sizable wins but not as frequently. However, only one thing is for sure: RNGs ensure all players are involved in fair play, and there’s an equal possibility for a win for everyone.