Watch Captain Safdar’s shameful comments on Ahmadi community

Captain (retd) Safdar yesterday made headlines again after a fiery speech in the parliament calling for the banning of Ahmedis from joining Army, Civil Services and other top institutions. For a man who is being indicted on charges of massive corruption to divert attention to gain sympathy from right-wing religious parties, it was a shameful tactic. P

It was a shameless tactic by a man who is being indicted on charges of massive corruption to divert attention to gain sympathy from right-wing religious parties.

His speech was condemned across the board as inflammatory and against the spirit of Pakistan. People even asked if it was fed by outside agencies wanting to create deliberate havoc inside Pakistan and to show that Pakistan was an extremist country.





  1. ok here is what happened. He was all ashamed of appearing in front of NAB courts. so to hide his embarrassment he thought it would be good try to get sympathies by using anti-ahmadi sentiments because due to recent changes in constitution heated up ahmadi talks among people. He thought that general public will support him on at least this matter.

    But he didn’t know that pakistanis are not fool like him. How fool he is. Probably the only success he got in his life was marrying maryama and the biggest failure he will face in life will be due to marrying maryam. How pathetic is that. lol

  2. It’s no doubt Ahmadies are non-Muslims and produced by British & now these Qadanies/Ahmadies r part of Israel and enemies of muslim world.
    should be ban in Pakistan Army.

  3. Muhammad Safdar Awan is a politician and a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan. He has made an extremely venomous hate speech against the Ahmadis, who are an oppressed and victimized religious minority in the ‘Islamic Republic’ of Pakistan.
    What this legislator said would be horrifying in the sight of every civilized person in this age and in these times. But ironically, such people have power and influence in Pakistan, a country where Islam has routinely been used as an easy weapon for inciting hatred against other religious minorities and thus provoke ordinary Sunni Muslims, who are a dominant majority in Pakistan, to commit all sorts of crimes against them.
    I condemn the obnoxious and toxic nonsense of this hatemonger in the clearest possible words and ask my international friends and comrades to do the same. This person should be stripped of his immunity for using the National Assembly for his criminal utterances and be tried for his hate speech and criminal incitement.


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