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Thursday, February 15, 2024

10 Interesting Fruit Facts


Long before we ever ate Eton Mess – that glorious desert with strawberries, cream and meringues – the Romans used strawberries for a long list of remedies from removing bad breath to lightening their teeth to eating its leaves and roots for reducing gout.

passion fruit Passion fruit is best eaten when slightly wrinkled. Like true passion it is sweet and tart at the same time!


Mangoesmangoes are the king of fruits! More fresh mangoes are eaten everyday than any other fruit. A Little known fact is that mangoes have as much vitamin C as oranges.


Limes are free of saturated fat and 
are great to eat to lose weight, 
get rid of urinary infections 
and help with constipation.


In Kerala, south India, coconut flowers must be present for every  a marriage ceremony. Indians view coconut as a sacred fruit that helps to increase the fertility of women.

It takesapple the energy of 50 leaves to grow one apple. Every Halloween when you play apple bobbing – did you ever wonder why apples don’t go to the bottom of the barrel? That’s because air is 25 percent of an apples volume.

peachDid you know that you are eating roses every time 
you pop a slice of peach in your mouth! 
The peach is a member of the rose family.

Bananas cBananas white backgroundontain lots of potassium and vitamin b which regulates blood and mood and helps kids to study! To stop them from over-ripening keep in the fridge and make sure they are not being touched by other fruits and vegetables.

Lemon can be used for so many things from lemon-juice eating to aid weight loss, to adding juice to your  laundry to brighten whites. Did you know if you warm a lemon  before squeezing it will yield much more juice?



Japanese plums – otherwise known as Loquat – actually originated in China. Tastiest as a fermented plum drink.