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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

10 Things you should know if you are planning to buy a Royal Enfield Bike in 2020

Royal Enfield has always had a special corner in the hearts of bike lovers. The unmistakable sound of this imposing bikes has always turned few admiring heads its way. 

And one item in your bucket list would always be to take a Royal Enfield up to the mountains for a solo ride. If you are lusting after this classic bike, you should consider a few points before buying one on your own.


  • Speed


Royal Enfield bikes are mostly known for their graceful acceleration, not for break-neck speeds. It is more of a cruiser bike than a sports bike. 

It can offer you a smooth riding experience at 70-80kmph. The bike has excellent low-end torque, but they are not built for a powerful race.


  • Weight


Royal Enfield bikes are really heavy. Even though its weight won’t pose a problem while on the move, you will not be able to snake your way through tedious traffic like a scooter. 

You can only get into a pickle if the bike falls. Pulling it back upright will need you to stretch some of your muscles.


  • Two-wheeler Insurance


If you intend to buy the Royal Enfield bike, you must have a Royal Enfield bike insurance policy in place. You can either opt for a Comprehensive Bike Insurance or a Third-party Liability policy.

If you already have a third-party insurance policy, you can also opt for an Own Damage cover policy. Without a valid insurance policy,  it is illegal to ply on Indian roads. If caught, you will be levied a fine of Rs.2000.


  • Maintenance issue


The cost of servicing a Royal Enfield can prove to be a costly issue for many. The spare parts too are expensive compared to other bikes. But if you do have the technical know-how, you can fix most of the problems yourself. 


  • Vibrations


Royal Enfield’s powerful engine creates a lot of vibration on the bike while riding. The handlebars especially will break into a jiggle when you stretch the limits to the maximum. 


  • Cost 


Royal Enfield bullets are not easy on the pockets. The price range starts from Rs 1.5 lakhs and can even go up to Rs2.5 lakhs depending on the colour variant you want.


  • Resale value


Royal Enfields are one of those rare bikes that have a high resale value. There are instances where people were able to sell their bikes for close to Rs.1 lakhs. Investing in this bike will give you well-worth a return.


  • Comfort


Nothing can beat the comfort of riding this bike for long-rides. Its heavyweight will turn into butter when you are cruising through those long roads. It always tops the charts for being one of the most comfortable bikes to ride.


  • Fuel efficiency


Royal Enfields are notorious for their fuel efficiency. You can only pull up 30-35 km/l on an average with the maximum being 45 km/l.

  1.  Durability

Since the majority of parts in this bike are made up of metallic parts, unlike other bikes where there are plastic parts, Royal Enfielders are highly durable.

Things to keep in mind while renewing the Bike Insurance

Since September 1, 2018, if you are purchasing a new two-wheeler, you will have to pay five years of third-party insurance policy premium upfront. While you buy a new bike, this will be mandatory. The third-party insurance policy will only cover for any third-party liabilities. It will not cover for damages caused to your own bike. 

An easy workaround to protect your own bike is to opt for a Comprehensive Bike insurance. This will include third party liability cover for 5 years and own damage cover for 1 year.

Once your own damage cover is expired, you can buy/renew a standalone Own Damage insurance policy. The Own Damage insurance will cover for expenses incurred to your bike due to accidents, fire, theft, natural calamity, riots etc. Thus, if you have both these policies your new bike will have all-round protection.