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Sunday, December 3, 2023

17 year old Pakistani becomes first differently-abled Microsoft certified

Exceptionally talented 17 year old Kashaf Alvi has achieved the milestone of being the first differently-abled Microsoft certified associate from Pakistan.

A talented 17-year-old boy Kashaf Alvi has made history by becoming the first differently-abled Microsoft certified associate in Pakistan. The passing score for the test is 700 and Alvi scored 750 that helped him achieve this milestone.

Hailing from Islamabad, Kashaf is deprived of hearing and speaking abilities by birth. However, he has not allowed his physical shortcomings to come in the way of his dreams and has successfully made his mark despite the circumstances.

His achievement in technology is not only a moment of pride for the nation, but is also a motivation for all the differently-abled citizens.

However, being the first differently-abled Microsoft certified associate is not his only achievement in life so far. Kashaf is an exceptionally gifted individual who has excelled in academics, Examlabs AWS Practice Tests, as well as extra-curricular activities throughout his educational career.

He is a basketball player and is currently focusing on mastering the art of Taekwondo. Not only that, but his curious nature also made him participate in the ‘Empower to Cook’ course organized by the US Mission in Pakistan and Abey Khao.

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Breaking the stereotypes, Kashaf is currently running a Youtube Channel by the name of ‘Talking Hands by Kashaf Alvi’, where he teaches basic cooking using sign language.

Additionally, Kashaf is also working on a book that will enclose guidelines and communication with deaf people, which is going to be published on 23rd September 2021, coinciding with the International Day for Sign Language.

Apart from his personal achievement, Kashaf is also a very sensitive man who cares about the society he is growing up in. At the tender age of 6, Alvi started to visit Darul Sukoon to show amity and support for children with disabilities. Kashaf has also served as a Covid-19 frontline soldier during the pandemic, and has volunteered with Pakistan Red Crescent at Mass Vaccination Center, Islamabad.

When asked about his inspiration, he replied (in sign language), “The first and foremost would be my father. His sacrifices are uncountable, and since he never gave up on me, how could I ever lose hope so easily? He raised me as a single parent, but gave me so much love that I never felt alone. I remember watching The Lion King when I was young. That movie hit me like nothing else had before. Since then, I cannot count the numerous times that I have watched it. Its song “The Circle of Life” has been an inspiration throughout my hardships.”

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He also thanked his trainer Mr. Sufyan Jabbar and Sheikh Jawad Ahmed, his sign language interpreter, for the pivotal role they played in achieving this Microsoft certification.

Kashaf has given his 10th-grade examinations recently and is now awaiting the results.