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Friday, February 16, 2024

2 PIA Aircraft Got Hit by Ground Vehicles in Yesterday’s Storm in Lahore

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Yesterday’s rain may have brought a cooling relief to Pakistan, but wrecked havoc on PIA as at least two Pakistan International Airlines aircraft collided with ground equipment at Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore, yesterday.

Accidents occurred when very strong winds jolted almost everything at the airport and two aircraft came in the way of ground vehicles, severely damaging the body of both the aircrafts that were parked at Lahore airport.

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A PIA spokesperson confirmed the incident and said that both the aircraft are grounded after technical inspection.

Every year, just before the monsoon season, dust and wind storms affect upper parts in Punjab. A private weather advisory had warned a few days ago,

“Special Information statement: Don’t be a victim and read this! From 28 May till 23 June is time for the most deadly and destructive storms! We would like you to remind you of the most recent one on the second anniversary (1st June 2016) of the most POWERFUL DUST STORM to ever hit the twin cities. RawalpindiIslamabad had estimated maximum wind gusts of 180 km/h or more, Mangla reported 130 km/h. Lahore Airport witnessed 120 km/h gust. From Peshawar till Lahore along the GT Road the dust storm left a trail of destruction, but the twin cities were hit particularly hard due to higher wind speed. In all, 44 people died due to NO WARNING!
When we issue a HIGH WIND WARNING OR severe thunderstorm warning it means you MUST GO HOME and remain INSIDE! Protect yourself and others by sharing the warnings. Note that we issue a severe thunderstorm watch when its in forecast 1-3 days before. We also issue approximate timing. Follow the weather warnings.”

According to sources PIA flight PK654 was ready to fly to Islamabad at Lahore airport while PK244 — originally flying from Damam to Sialkot — was diverted to Lahore airport a due to thunderstorm which hit Punjab on Tuesday evening.

The heavy winds caused an Ambulift (special ambulance designed to shift passengers with medical conditions in or out of aircraft) to become out of control and hit the PIA aircraft.

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In another incident, during the same time, a passenger step hit the engine of another aircraft.

Both the aircraft suffered severe damage during the accidents and will not be able to fly without proper repairs.