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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

2025 Vision: Government Plans to Sprout 10 IT Parks Nationwide

In Islamabad, the Prime Minister presided over a review session of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications, during which the government's plan to establish ten software technology parks across the country in 2025 was discussed.

During the review meeting held in Islamabad, it was revealed that the government plans to establish not only ten software technology parks but also 100 e-Rozgar Centers throughout the country in 2025. These centers aim to empower youth with digital skills and provide opportunities for employment in the rapidly growing IT sector.

Additionally, significant progress was reported on the IT Park project in Islamabad, a collaboration between Pakistan and South Korea, which is expected to be completed by next year. Furthermore, plans are underway to establish an IT Park in Karachi in partnership with South Korea, with completion slated for 2027.

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According to a report by Radio Pakistan, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of boosting the country’s IT exports and fully leveraging Pakistan’s potential in the field of information technology. He instructed relevant authorities to take immediate steps to enhance the quality of 4G services nationwide.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister stressed the need for collaboration between the Higher Education Commission, universities, and training institutes to increase the number of skilled IT professionals in the country. He directed them to align the IT curriculum with industry demands to ensure graduates are equipped with relevant skills.

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Additionally, the Prime Minister issued directives to the State Bank of Pakistan to facilitate IT exporters by addressing any obstacles related to debit card and foreign currency issues. These measures are aimed at fostering a conducive environment for the growth of the IT sector and enhancing Pakistan’s competitiveness in the global digital economy.