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Thursday, February 15, 2024

36 Pakistani universities in top int’l ranking – Here’s a list!

In a remarkable feat for Pakistan, as many as 36 universities have bagged a place in UK's Times University Rankings. While presenting the results, the publication credited PM Imran Khan and Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood.

In glad tidings for Pakistan, 36 local universities are among the best in the world. According to the UK Times University Rankings 2022, Pakistan has now, for the first time, 36 universities in “The Impact Rankings” 2021.

As many as 36 Pakistani universities appear in THE impact rankings. In addition, three are among the top 200 universities.

Consequently, in its annual publication of university rankings, Times Higher Education notes that Pakistan emerged as the world’s fastest-improving nation. As a result, they based it on Pakistan’s metrics of teaching, learning, research, and other academic facilities.

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For the 2022 rankings, the Times Higher Education team analyzed 108 million citations and 4.4 million research publications. Pakistan improved dramatically in two key areas i.e Citation Score and Teaching Score.



Crediting the PTI government

While presenting the rankings, the UK Times credited PM Khan and Shafqat Mehmood.

“The results generated are the outcome of continued institutional reforms and incentives introduced by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), under the able leadership of the Prime Minister and Shafqat Mahmood, who serves as the Education Minister,” the London-based publication added.

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After that, in response to the news, Shafqat Mahmood appreciated the PTI government and the universities for their efforts.

“Last 3 years have seen a greatest upward movement of Pakistani universities in global rankings. We still have ways to go, but the direction is right, the pace is good. Credit to PTI govt and the universities that made us proud,” the Minister tweeted.

The rankings are a remarkable feat for a developing country like Pakistan. Moreover, Pakistan’s rankings are better than India’s.

“Pakistan has 21 universities on the list; this is a great achievement for a developing country like Pakistan. The average score changes for 2021-22 is even better than that of India,” said Times Higher Education.

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Students reaction to the rankings

While university students reacted positively to the news, many highlighted the issues faced by Ph.D. students. They stated that it indeed is a good news, however, university students are suffering due to a lack of job opportunities in Pakistan.

Moreover, they accused the universities of corruption and how universities fail to give needy students scholarships.