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Monday, November 27, 2023

Eye-catching 3D zebra crossing unveiled in Lahore

3D zebra crossings are set to be unveiled in Lahore. Other than adding aesthetic value to the city, the project wishes to bring to attention the proper use of a zebra crossing

For the first time ever, a 3D zebra crossing has been unveiled on Mall Road, in Lahore. The announcement was made in an official statement by Commissioner Zulfiqar Ahmed Ghuman. He said that 20 different roads will have the unique 3D zebra crossing, as reported by ‘Samaa’ News.

The commissioner also said that the latest 3D zebra crossing installation was done as part of the bigger plan by Metropolitan Corporation to introduce the 3D zebra crossing on various roads across Lahore.

The idea behind the project is to attract attention to the proper usage of a zebra crossing other than the aesthetic value that the project is likely to provide, according to the commissioner. The novel zebra crossing has been designed as per international standards according to the commissioner.

Different countries using the 3D crossing

The 3D zebra crossings have been in use in various countries, namely, Thailand, UK, USA, China, Iceland, among others, and have reportedly been highly effective, as they do trigger the intrigue of the pedestrians and encourage caution among the drivers.

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The rate of pedestrian fatalities has risen by an astronomical degree over the past couple of years, and the authorities are trying out new ways to encourage people to use the zebra crossing on a regular basis.

The innovative design gives foot-travelers the feeling of walking on air, and  the 3D painting also supposedly gets the attention of drivers, who are at least in theory forced  to slow down their speed once they spot the seemingly floating ‘zebra stripes.’

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