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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

4 things to never do with makeup on!

We wear makeup to enhance our features and mostly cover up our eye bags after sleepless nights. However, when worn on overworked skin, makeup has the capacity to make us look very dull. These few tips can help us take care of our skin while we enjoy playing with new mascaras and eyeliners this winter.

If you are one of today’s makeup enthusiasts, you’ve landed the right post. For many of us, make-up is almost therapeutic. It is no less than anyone’s daily form of artistic expression, and a creative way for us to represent ourselves and enhance certain facial features.

However, our skin cannot handle wearing make-up all the time – it needs to breathe. And this is not from a moral perspective about make-up being good or bad. Sometimes, it can be really bad for our skin. So, we suggest keeping a cleanser and some cotton handy, as you read the following list of things you should NEVER do while wearing make-up.


If you’re attacking dust-bunnies with a face of makeup on, you need to re-evaluate what is making you do such things. Your skin is exposed to dust, dirt and particulate pollution when you’re cleaning, so it is best to shield your skin as much as possible, with masks ifneeded.

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Wearing make-up and cleaning increases the layer of products on your skin, making skin vulnerable to a cocktail of acne-causing dirt. For your skin, make-up is more foreign matter, just like a comedogenic irritant like dust. It sits in the pores and causes pimples. To mix the two together is a recipe for disaster, unless you have an industrial-strength primer on.


It doesn’t make sense to wear make-up while exercising because you’re likely to sweat it off (unless you’re okay with wearing waterproof, smudge-proof make-up every time you work out).


But it is also bad for your health because sweat plus make-up leads to a breakout from hell. Exercise makes your skin warm, softening sebum and make-up, blending them together into your dilated pores. The result? Blackheads and pimples.


You can wear loads of make-up on short flights. But for the longer ones involving the slightest hint of a nap, you need to avoid make-up for the same reason you shouldn’t sleep with make-up on.

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Additionally, you should also skip make-up because airplane cabins suck every last trace of moisture from your skin, leaving it dehydrated. Use the time on flight to pamper your skin, instead, using sheet masks, hydrating essences, mists and nutritious skin toners on clean skin — applying these on top of make-up is not only useless but also bad for your skin.


Your skin secretes a lot of oil when you sleep and its cell turnover increases at the same time, with dead cells being replaced by newer ones. These two things mean that there is a lot of buildup on your skin when you wake up. If you add make-up to that mix, can you imagine the mess your face is in?

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The make-up (which contains chemicals and oils) is already a hotbed for bacteria. To add to that, your natural facial oils and dead skin combine with it, and lead to a situation that is sure to lead to breakouts and imbalanced skin. That’s why cleansing your skin thoroughly before sleeping is something you should do without fail.