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Sunday, November 26, 2023

5 Reasons why online certification courses from upGrad are a great value for money for college students

College is a very important part in the life of a student. This is the time when a lot of things are decided in his or her life, ranging from what career they are going to pursue in the future to what skills they will showcase at their workplace. College students must upgrade their skills to prepare themselves for the professional world they are about to enter. In recent days, students can find a wide range of online certification courses for enhancing their existing skill set while gathering new ones. upGrad is one such website that provides numerous certification courses for college-goers. It offers courses that are value for money, a quality highly admired by college students due to their limited source of finance. 


Here are 5 reasons why online certification courses from upGrad are a great value for money:


upGrad offers a wide range of certificate courses for college students. Their courses are worth every penny because of the various advantages they provide. These advantages are as follows:


  • Efficient training programs
  • Working on industry projects
  • Opportunity to learn from experts in the industry
  • Job opportunities
  • Customer support


  1. Efficient training programs:

upGrad has 2 specialized training programs for college students under its hood – summer training programs and summer+career training programs. 

  1. Summer training programs: 

Summer training programs is a course that runs for up to two months. In this program, which is conducted during the summer, students learn the essential skills that will help them in landing jobs in the future. The program focuses on a practical approach, adding to its benefits. Professionals from the industry curate the content and guide students through the course to help them enhance their skills. The course material is informative, updated, and concise. Students who pursue this course will get the necessary skills to be eligible for the post of Data Analyst, Software Developer, Business Head, and Business Analyst.

  1. Summer+career training programs: 

upGrad offers another training program that goes by the name of summer+career training program. Through the course, students not only get the necessary training and develop a certain skill set but are also prepared for their career up ahead. upGrad provides interview preps to make the students ready for the recruitment process they will eventually face. Mentors from the industry give personalised career advice during one-on-one sessions. Resume reviews and practice employment tests are also available for the students. They can learn, collaborate, and network along with their peers in an environment that promotes sharing knowledge and developing skills. Furthermore, it also helps college students in finding internships as well as jobs in many reputed companies from the industry. Backend Developers, Data Scientist, Digital Managers, and Frontend Developers are some of the jobs students will be eligible for upon completion of this course.

  1. Working on industry projects:

A practical approach makes the online certificate courses from upGrad is different from the others available online. Students enrolled in the programs get to work on real industry projects. During these projects, students work on projects and case studies from several reputed companies in sectors that include technology, digital, and data. The opportunity is made possible via hackathons as well as sponsored projects. Along with that, students also receive detailed personalised feedback on every project they submit. Thus, they get a taste of the professional world they are about to face and acquire skills that are not possible with a theoretical approach.   

  1. Opportunity to learn from experts in the industry: 

In upGrad, students come in touch with industry experts from several prestigious companies. Professionals from companies such as Zomato and Uber have been associated with the training programs so far. Students receive valuable insights from them. This, in turn, helps them in honing their existing skills as well as gaining new ones. Moreover, students can also attend industry events. It allows them to stay updated on any new development that has happened in the industry. Furthermore, they can also connect with professionals who share a similar area of interest, forming a relationship that is going to help them in many ways.

  1. Job opportunities:

More than 250 companies have a strong relationship with upGrad. Students enrolled in these programs get placement offers from the reputed companies. This ensures the students get proper job opportunities and can showcase their skills.

  1. Student support: 

Every student enrolled in the programs are assigned a dedicated personal student success mentor. The mentor will guide the student through the duration of the course and help him or her answer doubts and queries. Furthermore, a network of academic fellows is also available through live sessions as well as a discussion forum. Students can reach out to this network for any issues they might be having. It makes the entire process hassle-free and ensures students can concentrate on the course without getting overwhelmed. 



Online certification courses have provided a great opportunity for college students to hone their skills. Along with that, they can gather new skills as well. upGrad certificate courses provide a well-curated course material along with a practical approach in teaching. Interacting with experts of the industry and working on projects give the students much-needed insights and knowledge of the sector that is imperative to their success. Attending industry events helps them to have an updated and proper understanding of the sector making upGrad the best option for college students.