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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

How to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer – If you are tired of frequent and expensive visits to the salon and want to reduce them then follow these easy steps. These will help you extend the life of your hair color and stay vibrant.

  1. Prepare those tresses before dyeing. A few days before you dye your tresses apply an expounding shampoo to eliminate product accumulation from your tresses. Avoid using shampoo before dying. This can deprive your hair of essential natural emollients.


  1. Shampoo tinted hair frugally. After dyeing your hair leave 2 or 3 days  before the next wash, This will allow your hair to absorb the color dyes. Shampooing also cause the hair shaft to swell which makes it easier for the colour to leave after every wash.


  1. Use specific hair colour protection shampoos. They help to seal the hair cuticle which helps to keep in the colour.


  1. Wash it with cool water. Hot water makes the hair stretch more which allows the pigment to escape.


  1.  Shield from chlorine and sun – both will quicken the process to fade hair colour. If you go swimming, leave conditioner in your hair to give it some protection from the chlorine and wear a cap. If you spend a lot of time in the sun either use sunscreen spray on the hair or at the very least cover your hair with scarf or a hat.