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Monday, November 27, 2023

5 ways to increase your productivity

Low productivity with high ambitions is definitely not an aspiring combination that one could desire. It is an alarming time when you observe your productivity fluctuates when every day is equally demanding and tiresome.

According to various researchers, this consistency in higher productivity can be brought with having a set pattern of routines. Following routines sets your internal clock, raises your productivity, sharpens your concentration and helps you shed laziness.

Few subtle changes in your habits and you can have a desired routine to raise your productivity.

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1) Sleeping patterns

By developing proper sleeping patterns, you will set a proper sleeping cycle of waking up and going to bed every day. Which means, that you are setting an on and off buttons because by setting a certain time of sleeping and waking up you are fact setting your internal clock to get tired and become active again.

The current recommended time of sleep for adults is 6 to 8 hours. This time is enough to give yourself a needed rest and refuel yourself for another day.

2) Setting your agendas

Setting your agendas or in other words, make a to-do list in the morning before starting your day, gives you required mood to accomplish the daily tasks. Instead of swimming in your mind and messing around here and there you can have a list starting with the task of high priority going down to the low priority.

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By doing this, you will get a sense of accountability and responsibility. Also, will help you manage things which will make it easier to accomplish those tasks.

3) Habit of being active

Lethargy, laziness, brings with itself depression, sense of insecurity and lower confidence. It is, therefore, necessary to incorporate habits that fuels activism in you. An active person has got higher propensity to accomplish greater deal of task than a dull person.

Regular exercise of 20 minutes, expands the oxygen inhaling capacity of your body. The more oxygen flowed to your body, the better the brain cells functions. Also exercise stretches your body churning the wheels of jammed muscles, improving the blood circulation in your body.

4) Efficiency check in

Though it is important to live according to a healthy developed routine. Often the accountability check in are important to evaluate the significance of your routine in your productivity levels.

For instance, did going to bed early an hour cause you to have a more sound sleep, bringing further freshness to you the next morning. Or a more healthy breakfast kept your energy level high till the lunch time.

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These are the required accountability check in to ensure if your body any changes to or if some habits are not bringing you the perceived benefits.

5) No technology times

Ahh! This is perhaps the most important thing everybody needs in this smart century. Try to spend a time without your mobile phones, pagers, laptop computers, iPod or any other personal use gadget every day.

The electromagnetic radiation from the gadgets around you constantly are interacting with your body, especially brain. These waves’ drains most amount of energy from your brain leaving you less productive.

We are the product of nature, try to reconnect with your originality each day. Try to remove yourself from the world of digitization.  Many people have said to experience more accomplishment, more refreshed whenever they have spent a time without technology.

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Incorporating few simple habits can leave your more productive, more sense of accomplishment and a boost in confidence. Try these habits for a week to notice the changes.