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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

6 reasons why you should choose an online casino with the Microgaming API

There are many online casinos out there and they are not all created equal. For many people looking to embark on the great adventure of online gambling, finding an online casino where they want to spend and win money is not always easy. What has become a kind of pride, however, for many online casinos are the ones that have Microgaming API. So, why is this an important plus for them? Here are six reasons why choosing a Microgaming casino is important:

More Games Than the Others

The important thing about Microgaming to know is that they started producing casino games over twenty years ago and have built up an impressive portfolio. But, what kind of numbers are we talking about? 

Microgaming has produced more than eight hundred and fifty games! So, for dedicated players who want to feel like they have a nearly inexhaustible list of games to explore, casinos with this company can provide what they need.

Imagine getting lost in a mountain of online slot games and puzzles will find themselves having hours of fun playing games like Thunderstruck, Avalon, Jurassic Park, and Terminator 2!

They Have Progressive Jackpots

This sounds like a great thing, but there is probably more than one person out there asking one question: What is a progressive jackpot? A progressive jackpot increases with every play until it’s won. In contrast, a traditional jackpot is one that never changes. 

So, for someone playing with a traditional jackpot of, say a thousand dollars, every time they play that jackpot stays at a thousand dollars and never increases. If they win, they get a thousand dollars, but never more than that.

With a progressive jackpot, a pot of a thousand dollars may go up by ten dollars with every play. After a person has played twenty times and then wins the jackpot, they will get a payout of twelve hundred dollars. Now that they’ve won, the jackpot resets back to a thousand dollars and starts to increase with every play again.

Generally, people who play online games on casinos want progressive jackpots, which is exactly why Microgaming has them.

Safe Playing

More than anything today, casinos face the online threat of hackers and viruses. The chief purpose as to why viruses, malware, and spyware is around is financial. All of those hackers who create these different forms of intrusive and harmful software do so to steal important information, like passwords and financial information such as credit card numbers.

Because of this, online sites that routinely deal with sensitive customer information are the targets of these very same hackers. That’s why the online games that people play need to have the necessary security attached to them to prevent anyone from viewing other people’s accounts or gaming while online.

Microgaming knows this and has ensured that its software it strongly protected, secure, and free of any loopholes that might allow viruses in. They make sure that their users can play safely.

Lots of Bonuses and Incentives

Microgaming has known from the beginning that competition with other sites can be heavy and that they want to attract your business to their casino, but how does even the best microgaming casino convince people to open an account with them? Traditionally, advertising has usually been the method of choice for most companies to use to attract customers to their brand. The only issue with this is that advertising has become so common that people are now exposed to up to five thousand ads per day.

As a result, people have become desensitized to them and companies, like a Microgaming casino, have to get your attention and your business somehow. That’s why they offer lots of bonuses and incentives to get you through the door. It’s also why Microgaming makes sure that their bonuses are better than those of their competitors!

They Continue to Build Their Library

People have heard of companies before that build up a certain stock of products and services and then feel free to rest on their laurels. This is also true of some online casinos who create or buy a certain number of games and then stop producing new ones. Hey, they already have a hundred different games to play so why add more?

Well, for many players discovering a new game to play is like discovering gold! It’s a new experience and many players like to have a few from time to time. Casinos that stick with a basic library don’t offer them.

The advantage of Microgaming casino games, however, is that there are always new games coming out. Microgaming isn’t content to let their users stay with old content and so they’re always producing new games for people to try.

How many new games do they create? They produce new games for people to enjoy at a rate of about four a month and that means that people will never get tired of a Microgaming casino.

They’ve Won Awards

The most prestigious thing for any business to get is an award for their efforts. That’s why Microgaming is able to boast multiples awards taking up lots of room on their shelves! 

Microgaming won the EGR award in 2011 for innovation. For three years in a row, it also won the EGR award in the poker category and in 2017 Microgaming got the EGR prize for the best mobile gaming software.

In conclusion, Microgaming casino games have shown themselves to offer a great deal of variety, quality, and security which is why people choose to go with a Microgaming casino.