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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

8 Signs You Have a Healthy Modern Relationship

If you are sure you are an ideal couple, don’t confirm your guesses with horoscopes for compatibility. Visit https://vavadating.com/, communicate with charming girls and if none of them makes your heart beat faster, then there are two options. First, you have problems if you are not in the relationship. Second, you love your partner very much, and you aren’t interested in other women. Here are a few signs that, without any oracles, will tell you about a healthy modern relationship.

  1. You know all the passwords, but you do not have the need to monitor each other.

If the prospect of exchanging the passwords for your phones does not frighten you, then your relationship is as close to the ideal one as possible. One thing is not to ask a password, and another one is to know it and still not check anything. You need an iron will, steel nerves and titanium self-control.

  1. You are comfortable being silent together.

One of the most accurate signs that you have a healthy relationship is that the joint silence doesn’t bother you. This means that you already trust enough each other not to confirm your feelings with constant attention. It is priceless to read a book while your partner looks through social networks and not feel that silence distances you or creates embarrassment.

  1. You do not worry about their behavior in your absence.

This is again about trust, which is quite complex and multi-layered thing. Everything must be okay with your confidence, you should be sure that they don’t cheat on you or lose maternity capital in the casino without your knowledge. You do not need to call suddenly, to come to make “a surprise” to prevent something terrible that your partner does with your life.

  1. You do not worry about their social networks.

There are three things that happy couples do not do when they spend time on the Internet. They do not flirt in correspondence with other people, they do not put likes to attractive strangers and think twice before following people who can create problems in the relationship, for example, the ex. Social networks are just a part of life. The way you interact with people on the Internet should not interfere with the off-line relationship.

  1. You are serious about each other’s career.

It can be difficult to balance between work and relationships, especially when you are young and not experienced in any of these areas. Both partners should support each other’s career ambitions, even if this is not always convenient.

  1. You respect each other’s family and friends.

This does not mean that if the partner does not organically fit into your company, then they have no place in your life. Your partner should treat your close people at least with respect.

  1. Even your quarrels are not so bad.

Quarrel, like any war, must have the rules. If the methods and means of warfare are determined by international humanitarian law, then the advice of psychologists, upbringing, and common sense dictate the rules of a good family quarrel. According to specialists, a good relationship is where both of you argue honestly. In other words, you do not curse and shout. In general, everything is simple and difficult at the same time. Try to find out who is wrong without monstrous accusations and getting personal.


  1. You respect each other.

Most of the items on this list are about one thing, respect. If you have it, your quarrels will be fair, and you do not have to worry about some trifles. You take every decision as a team, starting with a dinner menu and choosing a common pet. Anyway, you surely still have something to work on, that’s all.