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Saturday, April 13, 2024

92% Pakistanis convinced inflation at its highest: Transparency Int’l

Transparency International has released its National Corruption Perception Survey Pakistan 2021. The report has revealed unsettling statistics on the levels of corruption in the country.

Transparency International, the global non-governmental anti-corruption watchdog, has released its latest National Corruption Perception Survey Pakistan.

The detailed report of the survey was released today. The report is based on responses gathered from a sample of 1600 people from across all four provinces.

The results of the survey have revealed that the vast majority of the population is dissatisfied with the corruption levels in the country.

Most corrupt sectors

A sectoral breakdown of people’s perception regarding the frequency and levels of corruption incidents has placed Pakistan police as the most corrupt sector.

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41.4 percent of the respondents believed that police was the most corrupt, 17.4 percent voted for Judiciary, and 10.3 percent for the tender and contracting sector.

The health sector is positioned at fourth with 7.5 percent of the sample population, believing it to be the most corrupt sector.

The report has also revealed that 85.9 percent of the people considered the government’s self-accountability to be unsatisfactory.

The survey also asked for people’s opinions on possible measures to reduce corruption in the country. 40 percent of the respondents believed that the punishments for corruption should be made harsh.

34.6 percent of the respondents considered that expediting corruption cases being handled by NAB would get quick results, whereas 25.3 percent were of the opinion that a ban on convicted corrupt individuals from holding any public office would best help the cause of combating corruption.

Inflation woes

The report also declared that the majority in Pakistan (92.9 %) was convinced that inflation and prices of commodities were at their highest in the current government’s rule. Only 4.6 percent though so during the PMLN’S tenure and 2.5% during the PPP government’s rule.

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Furthermore, 85.9 percent of the population believed that their income levels had dropped considerably in the past three years.

The report also revealed that the main reasons that the population attributes the rise in inflation and unemployment to were the government’s incompetence (50.6%), corruption (23.3%), the lack of implementation of policies (16.6%), and the Interference in affairs of the government by politicians (9.6%).

The population’s perception of the government’s accountability drive was also assessed, with 66.8 percent believing the accountability process to be biased.

Transparency International Pakistan has previously conducted five such surveys in the past.