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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

A Cross-Border Gaming Affair: PUBG Love Story Ends in Jail

Cross-border PUBG love affair lands Pakistani woman and her Indian lover in Noida jail, facing potential prison sentences.

In a surprising turn of events, a cross-border love story that began through the popular game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) has taken an unexpected twist, resulting in the imprisonment of a Pakistani mother of four and her Indian lover.

Ms Haider’s Marital Circumstances

Ms Haider, a resident of Sindh province, found herself immersed in the world of PUBG after her husband moved to Saudi Arabia for work. Seeking solace and connection, she embarked on countless gaming sessions, where fate would introduce her to an Indian player who would eventually capture her heart.

The Enigmatic Sachin

Within the virtual battlegrounds of PUBG, Ms Haider, 27 discovered a kindred spirit in Sachin, 22. Their shared passion for the game evolved into a deep emotional bond, transcending borders and cultural barriers.

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From Virtual to Real

Driven by a desire to solidify their bond, Ms Haider and Sachin resolved to meet in person after an online relationship of almost four years. Their online connection transcended the realm of pixels and embarked on a journey of physical proximity.

Crossing Boundaries

In March, the PUBG couple met for the first time in Nepal. May marked a pivotal moment as Ms Haider, accompanied by her four children, embarked on a trip to Nepal, this time with a tourist visa. From Nepal, she charted a path to Delhi, India. The couple, along with Ms Haider’s children, rented out a room.


Last week, the couple consulted a local attorney for counsel, but the attorney apparently told the authorities. Ms Haider and her children were arrested on charges of having illegally entered India; Meena and his father were also arrested, on charges that amount to little short of conspiring to shelter an enemy. Ms Haider says she does not want to return to Pakistan and that “I want to marry Sachin. I love him a lot. I left everything for him.” Meena also affirmed his love.

The Future

Ms Haider and her lover Sachin have appealed to the Indian government to let them marry. The couple’s future hangs in the balance as they potentially face lengthy prison sentences and subsequent deportation of Ms Haider.