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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

A Girl has a Name & its Shaniera Akram & She is not Just Wasim Akram’s Wife

Social media rallied in support of Shaniera Akram after she was repeatedly called a Wasim Akram's wife a literary festival in Islamabad. Writer Nadeem F.Paracha and others must know women have a separate identity, asserts social media.

Shaniera Akram came on Twitter to remind acclaimed writer Nadeem F. Paracha that she has a name. The controversy brewed after Paracha repeatedly referred her as Wasim Akram’s wife during a panel discussion at Islamabad Literature Festival.

Shaniera posted the video of a woman in the audience who reproached the writer for continuously calling her ‘Wasim Akram’s wife‘ during a discussion. The woman schooled the writer that she has got a name and a separate identity distinct from being a wife of a legendary cricketer. A woman’s courageous gesture was followed by applause from the audience. Fasi Zaka, Ali Aftab Saeed, George Fulton were also part of a panel discussion.

Responding to the incident, Paracha explained that it wasn’t intentional., “I actually forgot her name, and then wasn’t sure what it was. I thought it would be silly if I pronounced it wrong,” she said.

“Who is this amazing woman? #SheHasAName You go, girl!” Shaniera captioned the video of a woman posted on her Twitter account.

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Shaniera also retorted to a tweet of a social media user taking a jibe at her. A user had sarcastically commented that “Yeah because Shaniera is a big celebrity and we should remember her name.”

Replying to the tweet, Shaniera asserted “If you are talking about someone on stage at a literacy festival you should at least give them the dignity of a name. And I am not a celebrity but I have earned my name, thank you very much.”

Shaniera Akram is the most celebrated and cherished personality in Pakistan, known for her active Twitter presence. She is a philanthropic, proactive social worker who often mingles up with children at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital.

To her credit lies the raising the issue of hazardous biomedical waste scattered on the Sea View in Karachi. She is among the vocal celebrities who have repeatedly raised voice over the deteriorating situation of sanitation and cleanliness across the country.

She proudly wears her Pakistani identity and often participates in rebutting Indian trolls on social media.