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Thursday, June 8, 2023

A prank or reality, Hyundai’s Santa Fe is now 5 million cheaper

In a case of Major Price reductions, Hyundai cut the price of its 7-seater SUV by 5 million Rupees. It might be an April fool prank, but if not, the car is relatively accessible.

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Hyundai Nishat Motors has reduced the price of its premium SUV by Rs. 5 million. in a notification, the company has announced the new price of Santa Fe, which is Rs 1,35,00,000. Earlier, the company was selling this vehicle at the rate of Rs1,85,00,000.

The news was broken by various media groups and facebook forums using this picture:

Santa Fe Features

It could very well be an April Fool prank, but if it is not, let’s discuss the car.

Although the Hyundai’s Santa Fe is in the Pakistani market since 2019, it has not garnered the same attention as the Kia’s recent SUV Serento, which is much cheaper at Rs 8,400,000.

The Sorento in Pakistan is competing against Rs. 9,000,000 Toyota Fortuner, an SUV that has been popular. However, Santa Fe’s 4th gen SUV was more than twice the price of Fortuner as mentioned above, thus consumers never considered it feasible.

Hyunadai is only selling the CBUs of this car. It was imported in a small amount of 30 units to test the car in Pakistan in February of 2019. However, no further progress has yet been reported on this car, until yesterday’s price slash.

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Now that the price is down, some of the features of the Korean 7-seater Santa Fe in Pakistan must be discussed.


HTRAC, displayed at the rear of the Santa Fe is derived from Hyundai Traction Control. According to Hyundai, the Traditional 4-wheel drive systems were intended for off-road conditions and generally not very fuel efficient.

Hyundai’s HTRAC all-wheel drive system is designed to combine the capabilities of a 4WD system with the performance and full efficiency of front-wheel drive. While the AWD system is always engaged drivers have the option of selecting one of three driving modes

Driving Modes

If you are planning on buying Santa Fe, you should know that this vehicle is equipped with three types of driving modes in accordance with your mood or style of driving.

  • Comfort, where power is split approximately 70/30 between the front and rear wheels
  • Eco, where majority of power is sent to the front wheels for improved fuel efficiency.


  • Sports where up to 50% of the torque is sent to the rear wheels for dynamic control and greater agility.

Electrically Controlled Driving Seat

The driving seat of the Sports Utility vehicle launched in Pakistan has electrical control adjustment. So, one can use the switch to adjust seat in accordance with their height and safe driving style.

Panoramic Sunroof

The all-new SUV is featured with a panoramic sunroof which provides an extra amount of exposure into the vehicle. On a pleasant sunny day in winters, you can certainly enjoy this amount of roof exposure which also gives a feel of spacious cabin space.


The instrument cluster of Hyundai Santa Fe has a 7-inch TFT LCD which displays all the important information required by the driver while driving.

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Parking sensors

The vehicle comes with parking sensors which help in parking the vehicle with extreme precision and accuracy. The parking sensor is equipped with a proximity sensor designed to assist in narrow spaces.

All these features do make the new Santa Fe in Pakistan a different car from the rest but some would still argue about the price being much higher than the alternatives.